FAITH: Renovation Church offers food and faith to community

Renovation Church will be hosting a free food giveaway on March 30, at 14142 Alabama Highway 157, Vinemont, from 9 a.m.-noon. All are welcome. (Renovation Church)

Renovation Church is stepping beyond the traditional boundaries of a food giveaway to host an event that not only addresses hunger in the community, but also offers a listening heart for those in need. This unique initiative is not just about distributing food; it’s an opportunity for ministry, offering prayer, and the peace that comes from knowing Jesus.

While distributing food is a goal in this ministry, the cornerstone of this event is to demonstrate the love of Christ to a community that may not be familiar with Renovation Church or its mission. It’s an open invitation for anyone in need, reflecting the church’s commitment to serving and supporting its surrounding community.

The significance of this giveaway extends beyond the mere provision of meals. It’s an expression of the belief that everyone is hungry and thirsty in more ways than one. By offering both food and teaching the community about the “bread of life,” Renovation Church aims to share the profound and amazing love of Jesus with all attendees.

This event is open to everyone, regardless of their circumstances or background. Renovation Church warmly welcomes anyone who is in need.

Renovation Church is currently funding the entire food bill for this giveaway; however, they are open to and would greatly appreciate outside partnerships and contributions. Those interested in supporting this cause can contribute through the church’s app or by sending checks. Such generosity will help extend the reach and impact of this initiative, ensuring that more people in the community can be fed and helped.

For more information about the free food giveaway or to learn how you can contribute, please contact Renovation Church directly. It is located at 14142 Alabama Highway 157, Vinemont, AL 35179, and can be reached by phone at 256-297-1190. Renovation Church can also be found on social media, including Facebook (Renovation Church) and Instagram (renovation_csqueaking).

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