Cullman High Theatre presents ‘26 Pebbles’: A tribute to victims of Sandy Hook tragedy

Cullman High School is set to present “26 Pebbles” March 15-16 at 7 p.m., in the Cullman High School auditorium. (Cullman High School)

CULLMAN Ala. – Cullman High School is set to present a powerful and thought-provoking drama, “26 Pebbles,” a production that pays tribute to the victims of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shootings. This compelling piece of theater is crafted from over 60 interviews with individuals who experienced the tragedy firsthand, offering a tasteful and reflective portrayal of real people and their stories.

Due to its serious content, which includes mentions of guns, shootings, suicide and death, “26 Pebbles” is recommended for mature audiences only, specifically those in high school and older. The production aims to handle these difficult topics with sensitivity and respect, making it a poignant experience for viewers ready to engage with its themes.

The drama will take place March 15-16, at 7 p.m. in the Cullman High School auditorium. Tickets are available at the door for $10, with all proceeds going back into the Cullman Theatre program to support future productions.

Cullman High School Theatre Director Wayne Cook shared his thoughts on the significance of the play, saying, “In theater, we tell stories. Some stories are easy to tell and others are not. The hard ones are stories that still need to be told. We need to grow and learn from experiences like Sandy Hook. I’m proud of how my students have embraced this production. They have truly made it about the kids and adults who lost their lives. It is a beautiful tribute.”

“26 Pebbles” offers the Cullman community an opportunity to come together and learn from a national tragedy through the lens of theater. It’s a deliverance of proof of the power of storytelling and the role it plays in healing and understanding. Don’t miss this powerful tribute and the chance to support the talented students of Cullman High School as they tackle this challenging yet important production.

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