13 students inducted into National Junior Honor Society at St. Bernard Prep

Front row (left to right) are Advisor Ashley Hasenbein, Sawyer Watwood (seventh grade), Aaron Cortes (seventh grade), Sipsey Drake (seventh grade), Josephine Lamote (seventh grade), Reise Rigsby (seventh grade), Silas Krische (seventh grade) and Father Joel Martin, OSB. Middle row (left to right) are Headmaster Phuong Nguyen, Rafaella Guevara (ninth grade), Sarah Cumbie (ninth grade), Cesar Blancas (eighth grade), Sage McDowell (ninth grade), Anastasia Hazard (eighth grade), Joseph Benedict Anders (ninth grade) and Chaplain Father Linus Klucsarits, OSB. Back row (left to right) are Carly Arndt (ninth grade, secretary), Tessa Sanders (ninth grade, treasurer), Sean Daly (ninth grade, President), Lily Tillitski (ninth grade, parliamentarian) and Alexis Cron (ninth grade, vice president). Not pictured: Caroline Sanders. (St. Bernard)

CULLMAN, Ala. – St. Bernard Preparatory School is pleased to announce the induction of 13 exemplary students from grades seven-nine into the National Junior Honor Society (NJHS). The induction ceremony, held under the guidance of President Sean Daily, celebrated the achievements and commitment to excellence demonstrated by these outstanding young scholars.

The pillars of membership in the National Junior Honor Society were addressed during the ceremony, with each aspect highlighted by an officer of the club.

Scholarship: President Sean Daily emphasized the importance of academic excellence, a cornerstone of NJHS membership. Students must maintain a cumulative GPA that reflects a commitment to scholastic achievement.

Service: Vice-President Alexis Cron exemplified the spirit of service, emphasizing the value of voluntary contributions to the school and local community. NJHS members are encouraged to engage in meaningful service initiatives that benefit others.

Leadership: Secretary Karly Arndt underscored the qualities of effective leadership, recognizing students who demonstrate resourcefulness, problem-solving skills, and a dedication to making a positive impact. NJHS members are encouraged to lead by example, both within the school and beyond.

Character: Treasurer Tessa Sanders spoke passionately about the importance of character, highlighting qualities such as honesty, reliability, and respect for others. NJHS members uphold the highest standards of integrity and demonstrate a commitment to ethical behavior.

Citizenship: Parliamentarian Lily Tillitski emphasized the significance of civic engagement and a commitment to democratic values. NJHS members understand the responsibilities of citizenship and strive to make meaningful contributions to society.

Following the induction ceremony, members recited the New Member Pledge led by President Daily. Fr. Joel and Phuong Nguyen presented certificates and pins to honor the achievements of the inductees. Fr. Joel extended congratulations to parents for their leadership in nurturing the success of their children and encouraged students to continue striving for excellence and setting positive examples for others.

A reception followed the ceremony in the dining hall.