Cullman Savings Bank donates almost $20K to Festhalle Farmers Market

Left to right are Nathan Anderson, Jeremy Calvert, John Riley, Michael Graveman, Travis Kress, Kira Sims, Matt Townson and Raymon Williams. (Cullman Parks, Recreation & Sports Tourism)

CULLMAN, Ala. – Cullman Savings Bank recently donated $19,900 to the Festhalle Farmers Market, the largest farmers market in Cullman. This contribution underscores the bank’s commitment to supporting local agriculture and community initiatives.

The Festhalle Farmers Market, a hub for over 28 local farmers and vendors, will use the funds to purchase large fans. This much-needed upgrade will enhance the comfort of both vendors and patrons, ensuring a more pleasant market experience during the warmer months.

John Riley, president of Cullman Savings Bank, expressed his enthusiasm for the project: “We believe in the power of community and the importance of supporting local agriculture. This donation is more than just a contribution; it’s an investment in the well-being of our farmers and the satisfaction of our community members. We’re excited to see the positive impact these fans will have on the Festhalle Farmers Market.”

Local farmer Jeremy Calvert shared his gratitude, stating, “The generosity of Cullman Savings Bank is truly heartwarming. Their support not only acknowledges the hard work of our local farmers but also contributes to the market’s growth and success. On behalf of all the farmers here, we are deeply thankful for this donation.”

Michael Graveman, manager of the Festhalle Farmers Market, highlighted the significance of the bank’s support: “The addition of large fans to our market is a critical upgrade that would not have been possible without the support of local businesses like Cullman Savings Bank. Their donation reflects a genuine partnership and commitment to enhancing the market experience for everyone involved.”

Cullman Savings Bank has a long-standing tradition of community involvement and philanthropy, as evidenced by its history and the establishment of the Cullman Savings Foundation, which has contributed over $728,000 to various community projects.

For more information about Cullman Savings Bank and its community initiatives, call 256-734-1740.

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