FAITH: ‘Raise a Hallelujah’ event fuels support for The Crossing’s mission in Cullman

A moment of praise as Three on a Wing leads the community in worship at the “Raise a Hallelujah” benefit event Saturday, Feb. 17, 2024 (Gauge Day)

Toe-tappers, hand-clappers and lively amens filled the sanctuary of Fairview Methodist Church on a memorable Saturday night. The Crossing, a local nonprofit dedicated to providing food, hygiene products and clothes for those in need in Cullman, orchestrated a “Raise a Hallelujah” benefit singing. The event featured guest artists and groups, aimed at providing the community with a night of worship and fellowship for a worthwhile cause.

Melissa Hudson, the founder and director of The Crossing, shared her inspiration for the event, saying “We haven’t had a fundraiser since 2022, but this is the first benefit singing I have held. I was talking to some people, and we just got away from the old-fashioned, what we used to do, and somebody said, ‘We don’t have them old-fashioned singins anymore’, so I thought, we should do that, cause people still enjoy that and it’s good to go back sometimes and pick up some of the old things we left behind.”

It turns out, Hudson was right. The goal of the event was to raise funds and gather donations for The Crossing to continue to provide for the needs of residents in Cullman. The benefit raised over $2,200 on Saturday night, with more contributions anticipated, as many reached out to Hudson expressing their desire to give.

Fairview Methodist Church hosted the event.

The night of singing and worship commenced with Three on a Wing, a gospel singing trio composed of members Sandy, Shirley and Diane. The trio opened the night with a mix of gospel classics and modern contemporary songs. The crowd found comfort in many of the familiar tunes, singing along, raising hands in praise, even sharing a laugh as Shirley played to the crowd with a standing bass air impression for the ages.

As the night progressed, New Day Revival rounded out the event by bringing an added flair with a full band and well-played instrumentals. Tim Turney helmed the group with his powerful vocals and exceptional guitar and piano skills, engaging the crowd with some Southern preaching and testimony sprinkled on top.

“Nothing is worth anything without an ignition source,” Turney said. “God’s favor in your life is your ignition source.”

New Day Revival added a richness to the atmosphere that many in the audience were already thriving in. Fairview Methodist Church was never short of loud amens and joyful hallelujahs throughout the night of worship.

In addition to spiritual nourishment, physical refreshments were generously donated by Duchess Bakery and Daylight Donuts, adding a sweet touch to the fellowship. These contributions not only satisfied cravings, but also symbolized the community’s collective effort to support The Crossing’s cause.

The “Raise a Hallelujah” event was more than just a night of music; it was a testament to the power of community and faith in action. The donations collected throughout the evening will directly benefit The Crossing, enabling it to continue its vital work in the Cullman community. It was a night where every note sung, and every hand raised contributed to a larger narrative of hope, support and love.

Hudson said The Crossing has events and other outreaches that could use additional volunteers or people looking to serve the community.

“As far as donations, we always are open to receive canned goods and non-perishable foods,” Hudson stated. “During the summer we get fresh vegetables sometimes, and the people we serve really like that. Gently used clothes is always a bonus because we also have the clothes closet.” The Crossing also accepts hygiene products such as toothpaste, shampoo, soap, etc. The organization accepts all donations year-round.

Hudson extended her gratitude to Fairview Methodist Church for hosting the event, guest groups Three on a Wing and New Day Revival, as well as attendees and volunteers for making the event special.

For more information about The Crossing or how to give or participate, contact Melissa Hudson at or message The Crossing on Facebook. Monetary donations to The Crossing can be made on CashApp, @thecrossingfoodbank, or through The Crossings website,

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