Zoning approvals pave way for new housing developments in Cullman

N31, LLC has stated plans to develop a single-family housing community on over 160 acres northeast of the U.S. Highway 31/Second Avenue Northwest intersection with Alabama Highway 157. (Image Google Maps)

CULLMAN, Ala. — Two recent rezoning approvals by the Cullman City Council cleared the way for new housing developments on the north and west sides of the city.  Both properties were rezoned as R-4 districts in which a wide range of construction can take place, from single-family dwellings to “high-density” apartment complexes.

Copper Horse Properties, LLC received approval from the council and planning commission to build four apartment buildings at the intersection of Logan Street Southwest and Veigl Avenue Southwest, a block south of West Elementary. The buildings will hold 108 individual family units.

N31, LLC submitted a preliminary plan that received contingent approval for the Nobleridge subdivision northeast of the U.S. Highway 31/Second Avenue Northwest intersection with Alabama Highway 157, showing only single-family dwellings.  

“Based on the current economic times, and the housing developments under construction and those site plans already approved by the planning commission, I feel that Cullman is in a good place based on its housing needs,” said Mayor Woody Jacobs. “I am so thankful for our City departments and planning commission that meticulously study all site plans and documents submitted for approval. Those groups make sure that all developers doing work in the city of Cullman are held to our high standards, expectations and regulations while also addressing our infrastructure needs for the future.”

The new projects join others under development around the city, including the North Ridge subdivision off Eva Road on County Road 1319, and the Highpoint subdivision off Golf Course Road north of the Cross Creek Golf Course. Both subdivisions’ builders recently turned their privately constructed streets over to the City. Construction continues at Bolte Crossing and Magnolia by Lennar off Bolte Road on the city’s southeast side, and at Old Edward Place apartments on Third Avenue Southeast (Old Hanceville Highway) at the intersection with King Edward Street Southwest.

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