How to dispose of your Christmas tree in the city of Cullman

(Alabama Cooperative Extension System)

CULLMAN, Ala. – While city of Cullman residents prepare to ring in 2024, many are itching to properly dispose of live Christmas trees that may be shedding countless needles in their living rooms. Between typical brush disposal, composting or boosting habitats, there are plenty of options.

Sam Dillender, superintendent of Cullman City Sanitation, said disposing of your live tree is as easy as disposing of any other brush item in Cullman city limits; simply remove all ornaments and decor and place the tree within 5 feet of your curb, and it should be picked up within 10-14 days.

“Currently, the City requests that residents place their Christmas trees near the curb similar to normal trees and limbs service. The City does not have a separate program for Christmas trees as we treat them the same as brush service,” he explained. For those who don’t wish to chuck out such a high-priced holiday investment, planting or composting may be an option.

For those with gardens, decaying tree matter makes great compost and acts as habitat for insects and small wildlife during the winter; the tree, once broken down and piled, will slowly break down and disappear, improving the soil and feeding nearby plants.

For those with fishponds, placing the tree in the pond can not only increase habitat diversity for fish, but it can also act as a feeding ground as macroinvertebrates collect to feed on decaying tree matter and attract even more fish. The additional coverage and hiding areas make great breeding grounds for those wishing to increase their fish population, too! Christmas trees need to be weighed down before being placed in the water; this can be done easily by cementing the trunk.