Melvin Hasting discusses candidacy for Cullman Circuit Court Judge, Place 2

Melvin Hasting (contributed)

Updated Feb. 24, 2024, at 2:05 p.m.

CULLMAN, Ala. – With 22 years of trial experience and currently serving as president of the Cullman County Bar Association, Melvin Hasting discussed his candidacy for Cullman Circuit Court Judge, Place 2 with The Tribune.

Hasting said he is driven by a strong belief in constitutional principles. “I am a Conservative Christian that believes strongly in our constitution and the importance of protecting it in every way,” Hasting stated. He emphasized the significance of the First and Second Amendments in safeguarding freedoms and liberties that define the United States.

Of his candidacy, he expressed what he said is his commitment to maintaining safety and justice within the community. “I have lived in Cullman County my entire life and have enjoyed feeling safe. I want my children to experience the same Cullman County that I grew up in,” he said. Hasting claimed there has been an increase in violent crimes and said there is a backlog of criminal cases. He said he plans to expedite these cases through the system, focusing on crimes against people and property and ensuring restitution for victims.

When questioned about his transition from private practice to public service, Hasting reflected on his firsthand experiences with crime. “I have tried multiple cases at the Circuit Court level. I have also been the victim of numerous theft crimes,” he explained. This personal and professional background, he said,  equips him to effectively tackle the purported increase in crime while protecting the rights of the accused.

Hasting stated he believes his extensive courtroom experience differentiates him from other candidates. “Courtroom trial experience is necessary since the job of circuit judge is to preside over the trials and to make the rulings on evidence and to give instructions to the juries,” he remarked.

Sharing his personal journey, Hasting said, “I attended college at Wallace State in Hanceville where I became licensed as a paramedic, working at Cullman Emergency Medical Services and teaching EMS at Wallace State while attending college at UAB where I obtained a bachelor of science degree in 1996.” He also highlighted his family life and his involvement in agriculture, underscoring what he said is his deep connection to the Cullman community.

In his bid for circuit court judge, Hasting said, he brings a combination of legal expertise, personal experiences with crime and a profound connection to the community he aims to serve. His vision for a safer and more just Cullman County is central to his campaign as the election draws closer in 2024.

The 32nd Judicial Circuit Court Judge, Place 2 seat is currently held by the Honorable Martha Williams, who will not be seeking re-election.

Hasting will face fellow Republican Emily Niezer Johnston in the 2024 Republican Primary Election, which will take place Tuesday, March 5. The 2024 General Election is Nov. 5.

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