West Elementary’s ‘Winter Wonderland’ Book Fair to greet students Nov. 27

West Elementary Library Media Specialist Tere Kelly and Instructional Assistant Caroline Burress prepare the library for the school’s 2023 book fair, themed this year as “Winter Wonderland.” (Tere Kelly)

CULLMAN, Ala. – West Elementary School students are in for a treat when Thanksgiving break ends and classes resume on Nov. 27. West Elementary Library Media Specialist Tere Kelly and Library Instructional Assistant Caroline Burress have been hard at work transforming their domain to transport students to a “Winter Wonderland.”

“We have decided to host this year’s book fair with a ‘Winter Wonderland theme.’ The tables will be decorated and snowflakes will hang from the air. We are hoping to create an environment that transports our readers into this magic land,” said Kelly.

Book fairs have enticed many children and young adults into a love of reading, increasing literacy and as a bonus, raising funds for libraries. Schools are able to use proceeds from book fairs to add new materials to their shelves, further enriching the lives and minds of developing readers.

Kelly said when looking for a book fair vendor, texts and materials that fall inside a student’s price range is a deciding factor.

“The past few years we have chosen Crane Book Fairs as our book fair vendor,” she said. “They carry numerous texts at a price point that is perfect for our students.”

Whether it’s a graphic novel about a superhero feline, a bookmark that smells like bananas or a “Guinness Book of World Records,” every student is sure to find something that will open the door to another world and a love of learning.

“The West Book Fair is a magical land where books come to life, and kids get to pick out their very own treasures. The excitement is contagious – you can practically feel the buzz of anticipation in the air,” Kelly smiled. “The colorful displays, the smell of new books and the prospect of diving into new adventures – it’s a kid’s dream! They peruse through the book fair, pointing at books with wide-eyed enthusiasm, and the joy on their faces when they finally get to take their chosen purchases home is priceless. It’s a bookworm’s dream come true!”

West Elementary School’s Winter Wonderland Book Fair begins on Nov. 27 and runs during school hours until Dec. 1.

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