STATE CROSS COUNTRY MEET: Cold Springs Eagles, Lady Eagles capture state championships; Edgeworth sets state record, wins 4th state title

Both Cold Springs’ boys and girls teams won this year’s 1-2A State Championships Saturday morning. (Nick Griffin/The Cullman Tribune)

DANVILLE, Ala. – This year’s AHSAA State Cross Country Championships were hosted at the Oakville Indian Mounds Saturday morning, and it was a great day to be a Cold Springs Eagle. Both the Eagles and Lady Eagles claimed 1-2A state championships and Eagle runners Ethan Edgeworth (14:34.29) and Reagan Parris (19:31.26) each won individual state titles.

Edgeworth’s personal best time of 14:34.29 set a new state meet record, a new course record and earned him a fourth consecutive state championship. He and his teammates have been battling through some illness this week in preparation for Saturday’s race and Ethan was proud of the way he and his teammates overcame that challenge and put together another great performance.

“This week we’ve all been sick with flu, strep throat and to come out here and win as a team, I can’t be more proud of myself and our team for coming out here and doing what we love, supporting God while we’re doing it,” Edgeworth said. “I thank our coaches and all the supporters we have. We have a huge support group here today and I just thank Coach (Casey) Howell for believing in us, letting us trust our bodies and believing in us for this long. I just can’t believe we went out on a positive note like this.”

Eagles Head Coach Casey Howell was proud of both his teams for their performance Saturday but is even more proud of the way they’ve competed for one another all season.

“Only God! I tell the kids all the time, I truly believe our success has come from putting God first. I told the kids today F.A.M.I.L.Y. (Forget About Me I Love You!) They are such a special group that works so hard and cares more for their teammates than they do their own success.,” Howell said. “To see them overcome the adversity they faced this week shows how much they care for each other and the name across their chest. This group of seniors will always have such a special place in my heart. I love them so much!”

Several local runners also placed in the top 15 of their respective races Saturday, earning All-State honors.

1-2A Girls

1st – Reagan Parris, Cold Springs (19:31.26)

4th – Macie Huffstutler, Cold Springs (20:10.97)

6th – Mila Edmondson, Holly Pond (20:28.29)

8th – Paizley Whitlow, Cold Springs (20:32.60)

1-2A Boys

1st – Ethan Edgeworth, Cold Springs (14:34.29)

2nd – Jayden Allred, Cold Springs (16:00.31)

7th – Sage Nelson, Cold Springs (16:34.20)

3A Boys

3rd – Brady Johnson, Vinemont (16:19.75)

9th – Cash Daly, St. Bernard (17:10.25)

13th – Parker Guthery, St. Bernard (17:26.98)

5A Boys

8th – Alex England, Fairview (16:21.80)

9th – Rene Moreno-Tovar, West Point (16:25.77)

6A Girls

8th – Mabry Free, Cullman (18:43.36)

6A Boys

3rd – Andrue Barnett, Cullman (15:45.36)

Local individual results

Cold Springs Girls (1st place)

1st Reagan Parris: 19:31.26

4th Macie Huffstutler: 20:10.97

8th Paizley Whitlow: 20:32.60

24th Kynzlie Myrex: 21:54.97

30th Daisy Mavers: 22:06.09

38th Makara Mavers: 22:33.53

42nd Claire Huffstutler: 22:36.93

49th Leslie Jones: 22:57.68

62nd Claire Hancock: 23:18.70

69th Hayla Watson: 23:36.38

Cold Springs Boys (1st Place)

1st Ethan Edgeworth: 14:34.29

2nd Jayden Allred: 16:00.31

7th Sage Nelson: 16:34.20

16th Drew Dykes: 17:13.27

50th Blake Belcher: 18:25.51

56th Blaize Anderson: 18:32.26

64th Logan Perdue: 18:52.89

97th Zander Ashworth: 19:54.54

146th Samuel Hunt: 23:29.42

Holly Pond Girls

6th Mila Edmondson: 20:28.29

19th Caroline Lamoureux: 21:48.20

50th Kynleigh Wood: 22:58.33

92nd Violet Adams: 24:11.76

134th Jayden Persall: 27:35.56

139th Kalie Bartlett: 28:19.32

143rd Clara Spitzer: 29:30.33

144th Ramey Hall: 30:11.38

150th Dallas Welton: 34:35.93

Holly Pond Boys

20th Kohl Horton: 17:25.97

21st Matthew Putman: 17:29.04

22nd Joshua Putman: 17:30.93

135th Bradley Woods: 22:27.61

151st Carter Brewis: 23:43.39

152nd Jonah Shockley: 23:51.56

St. Bernard Girls

37th Madilyn Kerber: 21:54.97

St. Bernard Boys

9th Cash Daly: 17:10.25

13th Parker Guthery: 17:26.98

26th Sean Daly: 18:03.66

46th Cesar Hernandez: 18:52.40

104th Ethan Wu: 20:40.80

123rd Luke Daly: 21:23.16

130th Joel Rose: 21:46.39

Vinemont Boys

3rd Brady Johnson: 16:19.75

41st Hayden Robinson: 18:37.71

74th Andrew Landreth: 19:38.23

85th Yojan Patino: 20:01.74

103rd Brayden Harbison: 20:37.78

137th Dekota Crider: 22:15.12

154th Davy Johnson: 23:25.83

161st Lukas Ming: 24:26.87

163rd Samuel Pierce: 24:41.27

Good Hope Girls

53rd Katie Parrish: 22:49.16

Good Hope Boys

19th Drake Nichols: 17:23.59

Fairview Boys

8th – Alex England: 16:21.80

108th – Parker Gutierrez: 19:21.66

West Point Boys

9th Rene Moreno-Tovar: 16:25.77

24th Hayden Jones: 17:18.27

41st Thomas Ferster: 17:36.68

86th Brier Taylor: 18:48.48

87th Jakob Salter: 18:50.15

96th Sawyer Harris: 19:02.78

118th Jesus Tovar: 19:47.83

134th Teagan Heaton: 20:43.14

142nd Zeth McCain: 21:03.96

155th Griffin Jones: 22:45.72

Arab Girls

42nd Allie Lusk: 21:35.86

54th Sophia Aldridge: 22:01.27

59th Anna Hadden: 22:17.36

72nd Ava Stanford: 22:57.41

81st Piper Grimmett: 23:18.30

88th Madelyn Aldridge: 23:45.74

92nd Harlow Adams: 23:59.83

105th Lan Baker: 24:48.36

114th Emi O’Dell: 25:17.20

Cullman Girls

8th Mabry Free: 18:43.36

20th Addison Vogelaar: 19:44.80

44th Khloe Nalley: 20:47.64

65th Brantley McBrayer: 21:34.28

90th Audrey Floyd: 22:04.39

125th Bella Caretti: 23:13.20

135th Katie Richter: 23:33.93

144th Lauren Cherry: 23:46.11

203rd Abby Ashwander: 26:50.36

211th Victoria Waldrop: 27:27.67

Cullman Boys

3rd Andrue Barnett: 15:45.36

41st Cyrus Dawsey: 17:06.24

49th Cadan Fales: 17:17.21

61st David Manashirov: 17:26.95

64th Dawson Helton: 17:30.57

75th Jacob Taylor: 17:45.54

89th Rees Sheffield: 18:01.95

95th Connor Robinson: 18:08.72

127th Henry Crocker: 18:50.77

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