PREP CROSS COUNTRY: Cold Springs Eagles, Lady Eagles capture 20th, 18th consecutive county championships

Cold Springs’ Ethan Edgeworth (left) and Reagan Parris (right) both finished first at Thursday’s Cullman County Championships. (Nick Griffin/The Cullman Tribune)

FAIRVIEW, Ala. – This year’s Cullman County Cross Country Championships were hosted at Fairview’s Randall Shedd Community Park Thursday and both the Cold Springs Eagles and Lady Eagles put on dominant performances to add to their growing list of county titles. The Eagles topped Holly Pond 35-56 to claim their 20th consecutive county championship and the Lady Eagles flew past the Lady Broncos 18-51 to earn their 18th straight county crown.

Individually, Cold Springs’ Ethan Edgeworth (15:36.61) and Reagan Parris (20:01.69) each placed first in the varsity boys’ and girls’ races respectively. Holly Pond’s Travis Barnett (16:14.73), Cold Springs’ Jayden Allred (16:31.77), Fairview’s Alex England (16:49.55) and West Point’s Rene Moreno-Tovar (17:01.97) rounded out the top five on the boys’ side and Cold Springs’ Macie Huffstutler (21:32.93), Holly Pond’s Mila Edmondson (21:57.18) and Cold Springs runners Paizley Whitlow (21:59.56) and Daisy Mavers (22:50.60) filled out the top five in the girls’ division.

Cold Springs Boys (1st Place)

1st Ethan Edgeworth: 15:36.61

3rd Jayden Allred: 16:31.77

7th Sage Nelson: 17:24.55

10th Drew Dykes: 18:12.41

14th Logan Perdue: 18:45.10

20th Blake Belcher: 19:42.65

21st Blaize Anderson: 19:48.37

29th Zander Ashworth: 22:03.00

46th Samuel Hunt: 26:31.83

Holly Pond Boys (2nd Place)

2nd Travis Barnett: 16:14.73

8th Matthew Putman: 17:39.33

9th Joshua Putman: 17:56.56

18th Kohl Horton: 19:28.07

19th Emery Barnett: 19:41.98

24th Caden Moody: 20:14.72

37th Bradley Woods: 24:20.70

42nd Carter Brewis: 25:24.32

49th Jonah Shockley: 30:51.12

West Point Boys (3rd Place)

5th Rene Moreno-Tovar: 17:01.97

11th Hayden Jones: 18:32.06

15th Thomas Ferster: 18:50.63

23rd Brier Taylor: 20:06.32

25th Jesus Tovar: 20:17.35

26th Jakob Salter: 20:17.75

30th Zeth McCain: 22:29.97

Fairview Boys (4th Place)

4th Alex England: 16:49.55

12th Parker Guiterrez: 18:38.11

17th Carlos Medina: 19:26.99

27th Jackson Haynes: 20:53.43

32nd Devon Mcgee: 23:28.97

34th Meighton McParlin: 23:31.30

39th Tucker Kimbrough: 24:36.04

40th Oscar Pardo: 24:47.50

47th Bryan Garcia: 27:12.79

Vinemont Boys (5th Place)

6th Brady Johnson: 17:14.18

16th Hayden Robinson: 19:04.40

22nd Andrew Landreth: 19:58.35

28th Yojan Patino: 21:07.68

31st Brayden Harbison: 22:34.12

35th Dekota Crider: 23:32.38

41st Samuel Pierce: 24:59.12

44th Davy Johnson: 25:48.56

Good Hope Boys (6th Place)

13th Drake Nichols: 18:39.23

33rd Kaden Mattox: 23:31.19

36th Roger Miller: 23:34.89

43rd Noah Page: 25:45.61

45th Lee Dickerson: 25:55.19

Hanceville Boys

38th Trenton Barlett: 24:29.51

48th Jacob Kane: 29:10.07

Cold Springs Girls (1st Place)

1st Reagan Parris: 20:01.69

2nd Macie Huffstutler: 21:32.93

4th Paizley Whitlow: 21:59.56

5th Daisy Mavers: 22:50.60

6th Kynzlie Myrex: 23:01.44

8th Leslie Jones: 23:46.40

10th Claire Huffstutler: 24:37.95

13th Makara Mavers: 24:58.02

14th Hayla Watson: 25:10.05

15th Allison White: 25:24.11

17th Charli Harbison: 25:33.43

18th Claire Hancock: 25:47.46

22nd Alana Smith: 28:57.38

25th Conellie Philbeck: 31:37.06

Holly Pond Girls (2nd Place)

3rd Mila Edmondson: 21:57.18

7th Caroline Lamoureux: 23:15.37

12th Kynleigh Wood: 24:52.54

19th Violet Adams: 26:15.26

21st Jayden Persall: 28:19.37

28th Clara Spitzer: 32:55.05

29th Kalie Bartlett: 33:08.44

32nd Dallas Welton: 39:11.17

West Point Girls (3rd Place)

9th Lilly Patterson: 24:14.35

11th Elizabeth Lee: 24:50.56

16th Dorothy Salter: 25:24.96

23rd Maggie Warren: 30:12.78

26th Alyssa Carr: 31:43.14

Hanceville Girls

24th Gabby Hunter: 31:01.44

27th Whitney James: 32:07.56

30th Piper Butts: 35:13.74

Good Hope Girls

31st Mary Self: 35:50.84

Vinemont Girls

20th Whitney Quick: 26:31.72

West Point JV Boys

1st Sawyer Harris: 12:31.90

2nd Teagan Heaton: 12:54.52

4th Miles Fairchild: 13:36.96

5th Jackson Reid: 14:09.15

6th Carson Jones: 14:13.64

7th Griffin Jones: 14:25.85

Harmony JV Boys

8th Michael Howell: 15:10.61

11th Collin Clark: 16:12.47

12th Kollin Knighten: 16:29.82

13th Malachi Meade: 16:33.11

14th Easton Jones: 17:48.92

Vinemont JV Boys

3rd Clark Johnson: 13:02.66

10th Lukas Ming: 15:35.99

15th Cade Jankowski: 26:07.40

Good Hope JV Boys

9th Jace Day: 15:18.82

Fairview JV Girls

2nd Lola Haynes: 14:43.04

3rd Molly Lindsey: 15:39.50

4th Xana Wester: 16:09.07

10th Shelby Mitton: 17:20.11

12th Castaneda Violeta: 17:26.39

14th Naveah Horton: 18:21.18

17th Paisley Hopper: 18:41.67

18th Anna Bell Smith: 18:48.82

19th Emma Buckelew: 19:18.65

21st Daniela Castaneda: 20:00.64

Good Hope JV Girls

1st Katie Parrish: 14:42.87

5th Sara Self: 16:18.09

6th Caitlin Nisley: 16:36.03

7th Aubrey Scott: 16:45.47

11th Kaleigh Williams: 17:22.30

15th Brylee Benefield: 18:26.40

22nd Evelyn Quinn: 20:07.96

23rd Summer Jordan: 20:11.78

Harmony JV Girls

8th Bristol Baggett: 17:02.38

13th Krymson Dial: 18:04.32

16th Reagen Douglas: 18:31.47

24th Katelyn Fulenwider: 21:14.10

25th Murphee Perdue: 21:46.41

26th Judy Salter: 22:20.80

27th Payton Holt: 23:51.64

28th Paytan Lamb: 24:21.35

29th Ali Estes: 24:30.93

30th Hailey Pike: 24:39.34

31st Alicia Garmon: 25:49.50

32nd Madison Billings: 27:22.11

West Point JV Girls

9th Audrina Berreles: 17:10.30

20th Auburn Burtis: 19:27.08

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