Cullman City Schools cuts ribbon on new Primary School addition

Cullman City Primary School second graders Jude Pugh and Lillian James cut the ribbon on the Primary School’s new addition and renovations Thursday afternoon. Also pictured L-R: City School Board members Amy Carter and Jason Neal, City Schools Superintendent Kyle Kallhoff, School Board members Chris Branham and Cheryl Harrison, Cullman City Economic Development Agency Director Dale Greer and CCPS Principal Elizabeth Shaddix. (Nick Griffin/The Cullman Tribune)

CULLMAN, Ala. – After 18 months of construction, the new additions and renovations at Cullman City Primary School (CCPS) are complete and the school system welcomed its second-grade students back to the new and improved CCPS campus Friday. In addition to the new facilities, there is also a new exit from campus that is officially opening Friday as well. The new Primary School Road will lead parents out of the Primary School area from the other side of campus and exit onto Oak Drive N.E.

The newly completed project includes the addition of a 12-classroom wing, a multipurpose building, tornado shelter and an expanded cafeteria and kitchen area.

Cullman City Schools Superintendent Kyle Kallhoff thanked the board of education for establishing a plan for Cullman City Schools to continue to grow and improve and appreciates them starting with what he believes is the foundation of the school system.

“You guys established a vision to ensure that our facilities are safe for our students and our employees. That’s how this all started. I appreciate the vision and I certainly appreciate you starting here where the foundation of our school system is. This is the foundation as we all know, this is where our students start,” Kallhoff said. “I appreciate and thank you for establishing to prepare plan for long-term growth, not just what we can do now, but looking into the future. Even the great reconfiguration which will take place over the next three years was part of the vision and I appreciate that. Finally, thank you for creating a modern space to serve our current Primary School students and the many generations to follow.”

CCPS Principal Elizabeth Shadix is excited to welcome in a new group of students and teachers Friday to get comfortable in the new facility and begin a new chapter at CCPS.

“First and foremost, I would like to thank the CCPS faculty and staff. For the past 519 days, our staff has persevered through construction, limited learning and lunches in classrooms. Our staff has maintained professionalism, positivity and flexibility throughout the construction process,” Shadix said. “We are excited to welcome our second-grade teachers to this team. Thank you to the CCPS PTO who have continually supported our teachers and volunteered their time. As we close this chapter of construction, tomorrow marks a new day for Cullman City Primary School as we welcome 240 second graders back to CCPS.”