‘Captain Underpants’ joins Curt’s Closet

Schools invited to join underwear drive

Captain Underpants (www.scholastic.com)

CULLMAN, Ala. – Curt’s Closet Founder Ashley Wilson announced that the nonprofit is teaming up with popular children’s character “Captain Underpants” to host an underwear drive on March 6-17. All schools throughout the city and county are invited to participate to provide much needed undergarments for children of all ages in the community. 

Inspired by her precious son Curt’s infectious giving spirit, Wilson formed Curt’s Closet as a manner to cope with the unimaginable grief after losing Curt in a tragic automobile accident almost six years ago. The unique nonprofit provides clothing and accessories to those in need. Wilson, an inspiring woman with a heart of gold, established Curt’s Closet after seeing the need for assistance in her community and wanting to do something about it. 

With the help of local donations, Curt’s Closet has been able to provide coats, shoes and other garments to families that may not be able to afford them otherwise. This drive is specific to underwear, so teaming with Captain Underpants is a good fit. 

Captain Underpants, a beloved character created by author Dav Pilkey, has been a favorite among young readers around the world for over two decades. The humor-filled stories follow George Beard and Harold Hutchins, two pranksters who create an alter-ego superhero, Captain Underpants. Through their adventures with Captain Underpants, George and Harold learn valuable lessons about friendship, imagination and responsibility. 

The Captain Underpants series has now become a global phenomenon with more than 80 million copies sold worldwide in more than 30 languages. In addition to his accomplishments as an author, Pilkey is a philanthropist and champion of children’s literature. He established the “Laugh Out Loud Fund” to help promote literacy and creativity among kids who may not have access to books or writing materials.  

The success of Curt’s Closet has been due in large part to the overwhelming generosity of volunteers and donors alike. From businesses that donate their time and resources to individuals who give clothing items, many have come together to help Wilson realize her dream of helping those in need. Wilson is grateful for all the assistance she has received and continues to be inspired by the kindness and hard work of everyone involved in making Curt’s Closet a reality.  

Although Wilson could not do this alone, she remains at the heart of it all — dedicated to making sure that no one goes without basic necessities like clothing and shoes. Thanks to her hard work and the support of many others, she has been able to create a place of warmth, hope and kindness for those in need.  

With the help of Captain Underpants, Wilson and Curt’s Closet are hoping to spread awareness of the underwear drive to as many people in Cullman as possible. Donations can be made by dropping off new, unopened packs of underwear to Curt’s Closet or schools that are participating in the drive. Monetary donations will go directly toward purchasing undergarments for those in need within the community. 

If you are a teacher or administrator at a school and wish to participate, visit www.curtscloset.org to sign up. Classes with the most donations will win super top secret prizes that might have something to do with Captain Underpants!