Halloween movie binge: A thrilling guide for the curious mind 


This simple list of horror, thriller and suspense movies will help you navigate the horror and thrills in the days leading into Halloween.  

The movies on the list can be viewed on many online streaming services. Some of the titles you may have to search for, but in the end it will be worth it. 

  1. “Brightburn” Ahh, where to begin with this juvenile antihero. Well think Dameon but with much more malevolent intentions. Guess what starts on the farm doesn’t quite stay on the farm. Brace yourself for this fun ride of adoption terror.  
  1. “Hereditary” Nothing says family quite like a demonic presence slowly removing everything from the life you thought you loved. Always listen to your mom…well, most of the time. 
  1. “The Deep House” A hidden gem for novice YouTubers, an intact home sitting at the bottom of a manmade lake is too much to pass up and just think of all the viewers. Sometimes it’s best to follow the initial instinct. Think Smith Lake meets the family from “House of a Thousand Corpses”…dive in!  
  1. “31” Who wants to play a game? It’s one you have no real choice in playing so why bother asking. Just avoid the series of demented killers sent to stop you before the clock strikes zero and you can just walk away. The “rich eat the poor” is the vibe from this Rob Zombie installment, as a group of socialites bet on who will make it, if any. The film is rather scattered, but the old school techniques make it worth the watch. For those not familiar with any of Zombie’s films, let’s just say graphic is an understatement so brace yourself if you’re easily offended. 
  1. “Tusk”  So you want to be an investigative journalist? Do you enjoy the dark side of life? Are you great at finding stories no one has heard before? Well, there’s a perfect tale in “Tusk” just waiting to be revealed. Remember, though, just because they can keep you warm during the storms doesn’t mean you have to reanimate them, right?  
  1. “Little Monsters” You’re trying to get close to your nephew’s grade schoolteacher by helping supervise a field trip. Great plan, right? Wrong! Only problem, you’re not a fighter and the U.S. base next to the park just became overrun by the undead. Great, right? Wrong, because those lil ankle bitters are now true ankle bitters. Be careful when you choose your pursuit or you, too, may be slaying zombie children…yup, you read that correctly.  
  1. “The Lodge” Nothing says family vacation quite like being stuck with your dad’s new girlfriend coming straight off a fresh divorce. And the best part, you’re surrounded by a frozen lake and inaccessible roads thanks to constant snowfall. If you thought you were going crazy watching someone else’s children, then take a gander into “The Lodge.” Are you ready for stepchildren? Better yet, are you ready for a stepmom? 
  1. “The Black Phone” Imagine enjoying life as a young male only to find yourself locked in a basement by a man wearing variations of a dirty white mask. Yeah, coming home on time now seems important doesn’t it? What do you do? How do you escape? In this flick you channel your inner “I see dead people” portion of the psyche then proceed to (redacted not to spoil the movie), then that’s life. Remember, always pick up when the phone rings.  
  1. “Happy Death Day” Not a typical horror movie, but it still carries the weight of a dark comedy slasher thriller. “Groundhog Day” combined with “Sorority Girls” with a touch of “Scream” is the best way to describe the never-ending nightmare of a birthday. And to think, you thought your birthday was hellish.  
  1. “Run” A mother’s love is pure, well at least that’s what they used to say, and in “Run,” it’s purely evil how some will do anything to keep another person close. Imagine being reliant on your single mother for everything all while she monitors each move you make in that wheelchair. How are you going to find freedom? Sadly, sometimes you have to be ready to kill all you’ve been taught to love to attain absolute freedom.  
  1. “Train to Bushan” This South Korean film’s quick pace and modern take on zombies will have you seamlessly incorporating the subtitles between action scenes allowing you to never miss a moment of dialog. This unique take on the zombie apocalypse takes place predominantly on a high-speed train while a mostly absent father does what’s needed to protect his daughter. As the train speeds along the passengers become outnumbered by the starving deceased, but will anyone make it to the last stop alive? Check it out for yourself! 
  1. “28 Days Later” Cillian Murphy, mostly known for his portrayal as Tommy Shelby in “Peaky Blinders,” stars in the fast-paced modern day zombie flick. Storytelling and film angle techniques help set the tone for the modern day zombie plots used in most all movies/TV shows. If you’ve not taken the time for this modern classic then do so this Halloween.  
  1. “Shaun of the Dead” Now you can’t have a proper Halloween movie list without this British cult classic. And remember, it doesn’t matter what your girlfriend or her friends say, always pick the Winchester!  
  1. “Dahmer – Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story” This Netflix series has stirred a lot of controversy since its release, and it’s well deserved because Evan Peters’ performance leaves you feeling as if you just met Dahmer himself. The story exquisitely meanders through the life and death of Jeffery Dahmer, taking you to places rarely spoken of in any past documentaries or docu-dramas. The cast, crew, writers, extras, set designers, script supervisors and so on all need the proper praise for bringing this often called demonic serial killer to life again…and just in time for Halloween.  
  1. “ChromeSkull” This film infused live-streaming into the random rampage murder film genre before it was popular to have a GoPro. The killer finds unique methods of ridding himself of any that find themselves in his path of death and destruction. This film by local screenwriter, director, special effects artist and good friend, Robert Hall, has become a cult classic among many in the horror genre, and upon his untimely death the third installment was being written. Enjoy this killer classic from a local who turned Hollywood into his own.  
  1. “Leatherface” You thought your childhood was different, but it was most likely nothing like that of our antihero. Who doesn’t want to kill someone to celebrate their birthday? This film takes you through the twisted upbringing of the child who would become Leatherface. Excellent film with plenty of pace as to not bore the audience. Just remember, never talk ill of someone’s mom, even if she’s a nut job serial killer! 
  1. “Zombieland” If you’ve not visited a theme park in quite a while but suddenly feel the urge to relive your youth during a zombie apocalypse, then “Zombieland” is just the fit for you! Hilarious cast with some intense thriller moments will have you laughing at the twisted humor. And remember, always double tap!  
  1. “Army of Darkness” Let me introduce you all to then boomstick! From start to finish you can’t go wrong with this cult hit from early 90s. Of course, with most horror films there’s a bit of language and suggestive parts, but overall, this is a great flick to add to the list.  
  1. “The Girl with All the Gifts” Zombie apocalypse…check. Testing child zombies…check. Realizing your barriers aren’t strong enough and the army is no match…oh yeah, check. Just kick back and enjoy this great lost zombie gem. Trust me, it’ll make you feel human again.  
  1. “Creep” Can you find an easier way to make quick cash than spending the entire day with someone you’ve only corresponded with a few times via email? Yes, yes you can, but where’s the fun in that? “Creep” takes you through the day and night of a videographer documenting the life of the main subject. I don’t want to release too much more, but just make sure to triple check those references when you take a job in a remote location. 

Well, there it is, my simple list of films fit for any Halloween gathering. Just remember this: the scariest stories are the ones that are real. Sleep well!