‘We are a family’: Cullman’s Olivia Britton ready for senior season

Cullman’s Olivia Britton. (Nick Griffin/The Cullman Tribune)

CULLMAN, Ala. – Last season was a special one for the Cullman Lady Bearcat softball team as they made a deep postseason run before falling just one game short of making it to the state tournament. One of three seniors on this year’s team, Olivia Britton, learned so much from that incredible season and has really enjoyed being around some amazing teammates over the past few years.

“That season was very special because we, as a team, had to learn to adapt. Despite some things happening, we preserved. I never planned on playing first last year, but it soon became my primary position. Last year proved to all of us that if we work together and adapt to situations rather than dwelling on them, we can achieve anything. That’s the mindset I want to bring into this next season. Even though we are losing four amazing players, if we work together as a team and adapt, we can make it to state,” Britton said.

She added,

“We all learned about our mental approach at the plate and about learning how to adjust to what the pitcher and what she’s throwing. The one thing Coach Morton had always told me from my eighth-grade year was that I’ve got the power. I just have to control it properly and I feel that I have learned how to do that successfully this year,” Britton said. “It’s been amazing. I truly feel like I have a second family whenever I’m around those girls. I will forever have unbreakable bonds with them.”

Olivia learned a lot from the four seniors on last year’s team and has been trying to soak up as much as she can from coach (Lawayne) Morton as well.

“I learned so much from each one of them on and off the field. They taught me how to truly embody the words, ‘Love, Serve, Care.’ They showed me what dedication is and how to be a role model for the younger teammates,” she said. “Coach Morton has impacted my life so much. He has taught me that softball is more than a seven-inning game. He helped me realize that when I look at my softball career, I won’t remember the scoreboard, but I’ll remember the girls and the memories we all made together.”

Olivia took away so much from the upperclassmen before her and that will help her become a leader to the younger players.

“One of the most admirable traits the seniors had was being inclusive. They never let anyone struggle alone. I want to keep that going and make sure that when younger players are around, they know that we are a family. I will never forget being the youngest one on the team, and how intimidating that can be. I hope that I can help ease that process for anyone who might be nervous their first year playing.”

She added,

“I hope I taught the younger players perseverance and to leave it all on the field. We have a long season and with the construction of our field last year, it felt even longer. Towards the end of the season, everyone gets tired, worn out and frustrated, myself included. I remember having conversations with younger girls and just telling them that they have to keep working through the exhaustion for their team and teammates.”

Olivia has been working on a lot of things to improve her game this summer and has set some goals for herself and the team this season.

“I’ve been focusing on strength and conditioning a lot this summer so far. I am also always working on my swing,” she said. “My goals are to improve my batting average and enjoy my senior season. The team will do a book study this coming fall to help narrow down our goal. I’m looking forward to grow, develop, and going all the way to state.”

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