Young members of No Fences Cowboy Church with servants’ hearts host outreach

The kids’ hard work results in over 90 bikes assembled for those in need (Amy Leonard for The Cullman Tribune)

FALKVILLE, Ala. – No Fences Cowboy Church in Falkville is on a mission to teach an invaluable lesson to its young parishioners—the positive impact and vital Christian lesson on giving back and providing outreach to people in their community.

The small but powerful children’s group meets on Wednesday nights at the church. The adults decided the young members were the perfect age to begin molding into the embodiment of true helpers within the church and the surrounding communities.

This week, the church’s young members gave away 94 bicycles to children from three nearby elementary schools, ensuring a summer of outdoor fun and exercise.

Katie Brown from the church explains, “We started with just a small group of 8 to 10 kids on Wednesday nights. We wanted to start doing outreach with the kids, so we’ve done canned goods drives and clothing drives to teach the kids how to do outreach. For Valentine’s Day, they made love cards. The kids have been loving it.”

After Valentine’s Day, their sight was set on spring and the upcoming summer break from school.

“For March, we decided we would do ‘Pedal into Spring’ as our outreach. We decided, as a little class, that we wanted to raise some money and buy new bicycles for kids in the community. With our little group, we thought we would have 8-10 bicycles.”

After reaching out to students from Danville-Neel Elementary School, Falkville Elementary School and Sparkman Elementary School, the church had over 90 requests for bicycles and the children and adults from No Fences Cowboy Church went to work.

“We had a 5K to help raise the money and the kids have had several other fundraisers. The good Lord blessed us all along the way,” Brown explained. “Once we raised all of the money, we ordered the bicycles through Walmart. They came in boxes, so we had to have groups come in and put all of our bicycles together. It’s been an awesome process. Now, we are getting to call all of the people in the community to come and pick up their bicycles. As I’ve been talking to these families and these parents, I’ve realized what a blessing this is.”

She continued, “The parents in our community are so amazing. They are wonderful. We have bikes for mom with six kids. She’s such a great and wonderful parent. All of these parents are such hard workers. It’s a blessing to help them out. Plus, it has been a blessing for our little kids to learn how to do outreach and then show them that we might be a small church but look at all the good we can do. Our kids at church have learned so much. We’ve been able to teach our kids that you do have to be big to do something big and make a big difference.”

No Fences Cowboy Church is located at 3544 West Lacon Road in Falkville. Their Sunday service is held at 10:00 a.m. For more information, please visit their website at

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