ADPH observes Healthy and Safe Swimming Week 2022

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MONTGOMERY, Ala. – The Alabama Department of Public Health (ADPH) is participating in the annual Healthy and Safe Swimming Week, May 23-29, 2022, an initiative of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). The goal of this week is to maximize the health benefits of swimming by promoting healthy and safe water activities. Each of us plays a role in preventing illnesses and injuries linked to the water we share and swim in this summer and year-round. This year’s theme is “Make a Healthy Splash—Stay Healthy and Safe in Splash Pads.”

Germs in the water can make people sick if they swallow just a mouthful of contaminated water. Splash pads are usually designed so that standing water does not collect in the water play area to reduce the risk of drowning. When kids and adults play in splash pads, germs, poop, pee and dirt can rinse off their bodies and shoes. Splash pads can spread germs and make users sick if the water is not adequately disinfected. Although most germs are killed within minutes by chlorine or bromine at the recommended levels, the germ Cryptosporidium(or Crypto) can survive in properly treated water for more than seven days.

Take the following steps every time you enjoy the water to keep yourself and others safe from germs.


·        DO stay out of the water if you are sick with diarrhea.

·        DO shower before getting in the water.

o        When chlorine mixes with dirt, sweat, pee and poop, there is less chlorine available to kill germs.

·        DO take kids on bathroom breaks or check diapers every hour.

o        Change diapers away from the water to keep germs from getting in.

·        DO dry ears thoroughly with a towel when you get out of the water.


·        DON’T swallow the water.

·        DON’T poop or pee in the water.

·        DON’T sit or stand on the jets at splash pads. Sitting or standing on jets can rinse poop off butts.

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