PREP TRACK & FIELD: Cullman’s Baker sets school Decathlon record, locals compete at State Heptathlon and Decathlon in Hoover

Cullman’s Tripp Gudger, Jamar Kay and Banks Baker were at Hoover High School this week to compete at this year’s AHSAA State Heptathlon and Decathlon. (@CullDistProj)

HOOVER, Ala. – This year’s AHSAA State Heptathlon and Decathlon officially wrapped up at Hoover High School Tuesday night after two days of competition and there were plenty of local athletes in the field. One of the most notable performances came from Cullman High School’s Banks Baker, who set the new school record with a score of 5,120 points. Baker was also the highest local finisher at 14th place.

Baker was eying the record throughout the competition and knew that he was within striking distance going into his final event. Baker posted a time of 5:16.73 in the 1500-Meter Run to claim the new CHS record and he credited his teammates, coaches and parents for helping him get ready for Hoover this week.

“It’s super cool to break the Decathlon record. Going into the 1500 I knew that I was close enough to get it, so I gave it my all,” Baker said. “Encouragement from my teammates and racing strategies from my coaches really helped me the most leading up to the events and my parents have been keeping me focused these past few days.”

Fairview High School’s Kabri Redding was the highest local finisher in the Heptathlon, posting a score of 2,433 to place 45th.

Local Decathlon & Heptathlon Results

Cullman High School

14th – Banks Baker (5,120 points – School Record)

100-Meter Dash: 11.56

Long Jump: 5.51 meters

Shot Put: 9.13 meters

High Jump: 1.67 meters

400-Meter Dash: 52.97

110-Meter Hurdles: 17.07

Discus Throw: 26.22 meters

Pole Vault: 2.90 meters

Javelin Throw: 40.71 meters

1500-Meter: 5:16.73

21st – Jamar Kay (4.985 points)

100-Meter Dash: 11.26

Long Jump: 5.91 meters

Shot Put: 9.95 meters

High Jump: 1.72 meters

400-Meter Dash: 56.46

110-Meter Hurdles: 17.94

Discus Throw: 26.63 meters

Pole Vault: 2.60 meters

Javelin Throw: 37.18 meters

1500-Meter: 5:22.73

29th – Tripp Gudger (4,604 points)

100-Meter Dash: 12.20

Long Jump: 5.44 meters

Shot Put: 10.72 meters

High Jump: 1.72 meters

400-Meter Dash: 57.62

110-Meter Hurdles: 17.71

Discus Throw: 25.02 meters

Pole Vault: 2.75 meters

Javelin Throw: 36.96 meters

1500-Meter: 5:46.73

Fairview High School

45th – Kabri Redding (2,433 Points)

100-Meter Hurdles: 21.72

High Jump: 1.47 meters

Shot Put: 9.09 meters

200-Meter Dash: 31.38

Long Jump: 4.02 meters

Javelin Throw: 20.61 meters

800-Meter Dash: 3:20.50

17th – Eli Frost (5,069 Points)

100-Meter Dash: 11.67

Long Jump: 5.88 meters

Shot Put: 11.78 meters

High Jump: 1.67 meters

400-Meter Dash: 53.81

110-Meter Hurdles: 19.76

Discus Throw: 26.42 meters

Pole Vault: 2.75 meters

Javelin Throw: 35.45 meters

1500-Meter: 4:54.30

33rd – Michael Chambers (4,487 Points)

100-Meter Dash: 11.69

Long Jump: 5.27 meters

Shot Put: 9.34 meters

High Jump: 1.52 meters

400-Meter Dash: 58.75

110-Meter Hurdles: 17.81

Discus Throw: 25.51 meters

Pole Vault: 3.20 meters

Javelin Throw: 31.05 meters

1500-Meter: 5:31.42

Cold Springs High School

27th – Cameron Nunn (4,742 Points)

100-Meter Dash: 12.19

Long Jump: 5.39 meters

Shot Put: 9.12 meters

High Jump: 1.77 meters

400-Meter Dash: 1:03.00

110-Meter Hurdles: 16.75

Discus Throw: 29.80 meters

Pole Vault: 3.80 meters

Javelin Throw: 32.28 meters

1500-Meter: 5:48.74

Arab High School

25th – Taylor Anderson (4,835 Points)

100-Meter Dash: 11.76

Long Jump: 5.73 meters

Shot Put: 10.50 meters

High Jump: 1.67 meters

400-Meter Dash: 56.47

110-Meter Hurdles: 19.26

Discus Throw: 27.97 meters

Pole Vault: 3.05 meters

Javelin Throw: 35.78 meters

1500-Meter: 5:21.05

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