The Alabama Republican Assembly announces endorsement of Cullman County District Attorney candidate Champ Crocker

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CULLMAN, Ala. – It was announced on Saturday that local attorney and Cullman County District Attorney Republican candidate Champ Crocker has garnered the endorsement of Alabama Republican Assembly (ALRA).

Crocker welcomed the endorsement stating, “Today, I was pleased to accept the endorsement of the Alabama Republican Assembly. As we are seeing all across the country, who you elect as District Attorney is likely to have a more of a practical impact on your quality of life than any other elected official. I believe we need a change in leadership in the District Attorney’s office, and I am grateful for the support of my fellow conservatives.”

Speaking to The Tribune, he continued, “I’m honored by this endorsement. Any time you receive the endorsement of a respected conservative organization, it’s a victory. With BamaCarry endorsing our campaign a few weeks ago, and now Alabama Republican Assembly, we believe conservatives everywhere are ready for change in 2022.”

A grassroots group of Reagan conservatives with a goal of reforming the Republican Party, the ALRA promotes Constitutional values through small government, lower taxes, right to life, strong defense and free market capitalism.

ALRA board member John Killian spoke of the organization’s endorsement of Crocker saying, “We are conservatives committed to the Constitution, conservative values and the rule of law. This is why we enthusiastically endorse Champ Crocker for District Attorney in Cullman County because he shares our principles. We believe in the concept of victims’ rights over the rights of any criminal, and so does Champ. We encourage the voters of Cullman County to vote for Champ Crocker for District Attorney in the primary election on May 24.”

In a previous interview with the Tribune, Crocker shared, “I will establish a Victims Advisory Council on my first day in office and will take other measures to give victims the priority, acknowledgement and justice they deserve. I will use my training and experience and that of my staff so we can win our cases at trial. The people should expect nothing less.”

Crocker will be facing incumbent Wilson Blaylock in the May 24 election for the 32nd Judicial Circuit District Attorney race for Cullman County.

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