Cullman City Schools issues COVID-19 update


Cullman City Schools officials are keeping a close eye on COVID-19 cases in the area. 

If we determine that classes cannot be covered by substitutes or other school employees and safety becomes an issue, we will consider a pause in face-to-face instruction. We are not planning a shift to virtual learning at this time, though that could change as conditions change.

In the past, a school exceeding 10% of confirmed positive cases of COVID-19 could merit a potential pause in face-to-face instruction.

Data from the 2020 and 2021 school year suggests that remote or virtual learning for extended periods of time is not academically, socially or emotionally effective for students. Therefore, shifting to virtual learning would be a last resort with the hope to maintain face-to-face instruction for as long as possible.

Cullman City Schools recently updated its quarantine protocol for students who tested positive to five calendar days out of school, and if symptom free return to school on Day 6, in accordance with updated Centers for Disease Control and Prevention protocols. Students who have tested positive are strongly urged to wear a mask for five calendar days once eventually returning to school. 

School officials ask for all families to follow their health providers orders in terms of close contact or potential exposure to individuals who tested positive for COVID-19.