Congressman Robert Aderholt files paperwork to seek re-election

Cullman Tribune file photo

HALEYVILLE, Ala. –Congressman Robert Aderholt, Republican from Haleyville, on Tuesday filed paperwork with the Alabama Republican Party to seek re-election to Alabama’s 4th Congressional District.

Congressman Aderholt spoke on the prospect of reelection, especially amidst a global pandemic, saying, “I was honored to turn in my qualifying papers with the Alabama Republican Party to seek reelection to the United States House of Representative to continue to serve the people of Alabama’s 4th Congressional District.  The past few years have been tough for our nation with the COVID-19 pandemic changing our lives, and politicians on the left using it as an excuse to push big government ever deeper into our lives.”

On the current climate for Republicans currently serving, as well as seeking reelection in 2022, he said, “Republicans have been in the minority in the House of Representatives during this entire time, but we have fought hard, and won some victories in pushing back against Nancy Pelosi, members of the Squad, and their leftist, socialist agenda.  I am very optimistic that 2022 is going to be the biggest victory yet. 2022 is shaping up to be the year Republicans take back control of the House.  One year from now, Republicans should be in the majority for the first time in four years with a Republican speaker, and a Republican agenda in the House.”

He continued, highlighting his goals for the upcoming year, “Across America, people are saying they have had enough of this big government, big spending approach to our problems.   As Ronald Reagan said, ‘government is not the solution to our problem; government is the problem.’ Under Republican leadership in Congress, there will be no more multi-trillion-dollar spending on leftwing slush fund priorities that have sent inflation soaring.  There will be no more attempts to hijack our election process by federalizing our state-run elections.  And there will be no more vaccine mandates.”

He concluded, addressing those in his support, saying, “It has been my honor to serve the people of Alabama’s 4th Congressional District.  In the 2020 election I was humbled you gave me 83% of your vote.  This was the most of any congressional candidate in Alabama with opposition.  I thank you for that vote of confidence.  But I never take your vote for granted, and I am asking for your vote again.  Together, with my Republican Alabama colleagues, and those who will be elected across America, we can start the process of taking back our country!”