Veteran Memorial: Pfc. Aubrey Glenn Adams

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Aubrey Adams was born November 15, 1931 in Cullman County. His parents were Grant Washington and Eula Mae (Bonds) Adams. Adams volunteered for the U.S. Army on July 18, 1950 and served during the Korean War. The young infantryman trained at Ft. Knox and was attached to the 9th Infantry Regiment, 2nd Infantry Division.  

On November 26, 1950, Pfc. Adams was fighting the enemy along the Chongchon River near Kiyang, North Korea, when he was taken prisoner. A biography written by his family states, “He was most likely in a camp called ‘Death Valley’—that was where most of the men captured from his division were taken. The conditions were terrible and 40% of the men taken captive during November and sent to the camp died in the following 3-4 months. Aubrey died less than 3 months after capture. He was 19 years old.” Pfc. Adams died February 17, 1951. 

His biography went on to say, “He was well-loved and missed by his family. His brother, Grant W. Adams, Jr., re-enlisted in the hopes of going to Korea and locating him. His portrait hung in his mother’s living room in a place of honor.”  

He was awarded many honors for his military service including the Purple Heart and the Prisoner of War Medal. He is memorialized at the Korean War Museum Memorial in Seoul, South Korea. He is also honored at Simcoe United Methodist Church Cemetery and Cullman’s Veterans Park.  

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