LTCV helping to keep Cullman County clean  

Image courtesy LTCV 

CULLMAN, Ala. Litter Trash Clean-up Volunteers (LTCV), a new group focused on cleaning up local areas in order to beautify the region, was established recently and is growing in popularity. 

“Founded in 2021 by Tom Miller and Eddie Hand, Litter Trash Clean-up Volunteers (LTCV) combines the expertise and energy of local organizations and volunteers to keep Cullman County clean and beautiful for our residents and visitors,” said LTCV Social Media contact Missy Jones.  

According to Jones, volunteers work alongside the Cullman County Commissioner’s Office, Cullman County Sanitation Department, Cullman County Sheriff’s Office, Winston County Smith Lake Advocacy (WCSLAI), Alabama Power, Renew or Rivers, Alabama People Against a Littered State (PALS) and other local organizations to collect litter and debris from roadsides and surrounding areas in Cullman County and Smith Lake communities. 

“Cullman County is truly a beautiful place. I absolutely love where I live,” she said. “Personally, it is very disappointing driving through the country roads I’ve learned to appreciate and seeing litter and trash on the roadsides. Litter/trash on the roadsides is something that can be so avoidable yet is happening way too often and everywhere.” 

With litter alongside roadways and waterways, two questions were posed to the group: 

Who is responsible for cleaning it up and who is going to clean it up?  

“We are truly blessed to have the services of the roadside clean-ups by the Cullman County Sheriff’s Office, but the trash is accumulating more than they can pick up. LTCV’s vision is to provide a welcoming environment that allows us to showcase our county’s natural beauty and southern charm by keeping our roadsides clean,” she said. 

Of course, given in the group’s name, it is open to volunteers. 

“There are many ways citizens can get involved to Keep Alabama Beautiful right here in our own piece of paradise called Cullman County. LTCV has recently started a Facebook page which can be found at: There is a link under a pinned post at the top where those interested can submit their information and a team leader in their area will contact them,” she stated.  

Kramer continued, “Feel free to send a message with any questions, comments or concerns.

We are currently seeking out volunteers to participate in our clean-ups, as well as sponsors to support this cause. We ask that our volunteers have the same passion for a clean community and to join us several hours every so often to picking up litter safely on the roadside.” 

One group LTCV was able to begin working with is People Against a Littered State, or better known as PALS. Jones said partnerships are important for real impacts to take place not just in Cullman County, but the entire state. 

“We are working with an amazing group that fully supports our mission, Alabama PALS, which is statewide program; so, if an individual/business is interested and not in our area, they should definitely check them out and get involved,” she said. “We highly encourage their Adopt-A-Mile program.” 

When asked what some of the best ways to keep waterways clean are by those visiting, Jones offered up the following advice. 

“Safety First. Secondly, take what you bring and more. Carry a trash bag or two with you (and if on a boat, a sealable one). If you can safely pick up trash you find, then do so and wait until you are at a trash can or home to throw your bags away. As a child, the saying always leave a place in better condition than when you arrived has really stuck with me and if everyone practiced this, we would truly have a cleaner county,” she said. 

Jones continued, “with enough volunteers, we plan to arrange a few cleanups around our county very soon. There are other programs such as PALS, Winston County Smith Lake Advocacy, Black Warrior RiverKeepers and other various agencies that have some amazing events/cleanups organized for very near future. All can be found on Facebook.” 

Established in 2021, LTCV seeks volunteers to collect litter and debris from roadsides and surrounding areas in Cullman County and Smith Lake communities. 

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