New convenience store to be built in Good Hope

Council discusses new repair plan for city’s wastewater system

Good Hope Councilwoman Susan Eller is seen at Monday night’s meeting. (Christy Perry for The Cullman Tribune)

GOOD HOPE, Ala.A new convenience store is coming to County Road 222 in Good Hope across from the Palomino RV Resort.

Mayor Jerry Bartlett said at Monday night’s council meeting, “Last Monday night, the planning commission passed Singh Mart, LLC. We passed his site plan for his convenience store.” 

The convenience store will be built on three lots along County Road 222 starting at Reid Road. Singh Mart, LLC operates a similar store in Hayden that Bartlett toured.

“It’s very, very nice and very clean,” he said. “It’s huge!”

While the Good Hope location will not be identical to the one in Hayden, Bartlett said they will definitely be similar. 

The council passed a resolution allowing Living Water Services (LWS) to take over responsibility for repairs to the city’s wastewater system.

LWS President Grady Parsons explained, “We’ve been handling those repairs for the last three or four years in Good Hope. If something breaks down at a pump station at the plant, we just fix it.” 

Under this new agreement, the City will pay one yearly payment for the services rather than being billed for each individual repair.

“Before, we would have to get a hold of them and say, ‘Look, we have to fix this rotor.’ Instead of adding that up and sending them a bill, it will just come back on us,” said Parsons. “It’s going to make us even more attentive. It’s a real responsibility to keep this thing going.” 

The permit will be in LWS’ name and the company will be the primary contact for the Alabama Department of Environmental Management (ADEM).

“This has worked real well for other municipalities,” Parsons added.

The advantage of the arrangement, according to Parsons, will be faster repairs and time saved. For the City, the agreement creates an incentive to stay on top of repairs and needs of the system. 

The council also passed a resolution adopting the most recent Hazard Mitigation Plan created by the Cullman County EMA. 

The next Good Hope City Council Meeting will be April 5 at 6:30 p.m. at Good Hope City Hall. 

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