West Point passes budget, receives clean audit

West Point Mayor Gerald Schafer is seen at this week’s meeting of the West Point Town Council. (Christy Perry for The Cullman Tribune)

WEST POINT, Ala. – The Town of West Point passed its FY2021 budget this week, with $337,183 in expenditures, a slight increase from 2020. The Town expects total revenue to be $415,812 for the coming year.

Tony Turbyfill, CPA with Segroves & Company, PC said the Town is in great shape financially, giving his summaries of West Point’s 2017 and 2018 audits.

“As far as financial shape, as far as the Town is concerned, y’all are probably in better shape than any of the other audits that I have, financially,” he said. “From 17-18, you had an increase of roughly $146,000 from your net position. Then from 18-19, you had about a $175,000 increase. Things are steadily progressing in your favor financially.”

The council was asked to address a few minor concerns, including a better way to log and track umpire pay and having a backup plan if someone other than the town clerk needs to access the Town’s financials.

Turbyfill also reported a decrease in the amount of money the Town has had to transfer to cover sewer operations.

He said, “In a long-term aspect, that’s going to be a positive for the city.”

The council approved the paving of the Town’s portion of County Road 1141. The County will soon begin the paving of the portions of the road outside of town limits. The cost to West Point for the paving of 1141 from County Road 1117 to 1246, a total of 1.9 miles, is $283,642, with Good Hope Contracting doing the work. Mayor Gerald Schafer said that cost includes the road’s shoulders but does not include striping.

The council also approved several annexations, including property belonging to Frankie and Sharon Jones, Dan Willingham, Wesley Laney and Phillip Nichols.

Parks and Recreation Director Wesley Laney gave an update on how West Point’s Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act (CARES Act) money is being used. The bathrooms at the ballpark and town hall will be updated with touchless toilets, hand dryers and other features. The Town will also purchase two electrostatic foggers.

Said Laney, “That’s the going thing now, and we’ve got them in the schools. We can go around and spray all this room and sanitize it in about two minutes and you can do it as often as you need to.”

He said a maglock will be installed on the front doors of West Point Town Hall.

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