Fall reading list

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CULLMAN, Ala. – It may not feel like it right now, but fall will be here soon. If falling leaves and (hopefully) temperatures make you want to cozy up in a blanket with a good book, here are five to choose from (including one for the kids), courtesy of Cullman County Public Library System Director Sharon Townson.

The Whisper Man”

Alex North

For those who have caught up on the latest psychological American thrillers this summer (Michael Connolly’s “Night Fire,” David Baldacci’s “Walk the Wire,” Nevada Barr’s “What Rose Forgot”) – check out Alex North’s “The Whisper Man.” Several decades ago, a serial killer known as “The Whisper Man” abducted and killed several young children in a small English town. Recently, a young boy has been abducted and it appears that “The Whisper Man” has returned —but wait – he’s still in jail. Is there a copycat on the loose? An outstanding English thriller – North holds the reader with his suspenseful first-person narration while adding supernatural possibilities. It is North’s first crime drama published in 2019 – and tantalizes the reader on the first page, “It’s not going to be easy, and I need to start with an apology. Because over the years I’ve told you many times that there’s no such thing as monsters. I’m sorry that I lied.”  It’s a page turner, and you will need to keep the lights on!


“The Tattooist of Auschwitz”

Heather Morris

Based on a true story, in 1942 in Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp, Lale is the young man responsible for tattooing identification numbers on the arms of all new arrivals. New prisoner Gita catches Lale’s attention and it is love at first sight. Lale vows he will marry Gita once they are free. They risk it all to spend time with each other while imprisoned. Lale and Gita suffer through many horrifying events at the hands of the Nazi guards.  Hard to read, hard to put down: an unforgettable love story of survival, hope and healing.


“Here’s Hank: Bookmarks are People Too!” 

Henry Winker, AKA The Fonz

Most kids love funny books. The spot-on humor in “Bookmarks are People Too!” keeps the reader laughing and eager to see what happens next. This is the first book in the series and has a bully and best friend. Hank is a goofy second grader who struggles when he reads but is bright and funny. In this book, Hank is working hard to learn his lines for an upcoming play. Because he can’t read the lines at his auditions, his teacher makes him into a bookmark. Then, another student forgets his lines and Hank ends up saving the day.

One thing that makes this book so special is the font, called Dyslexie, which was developed for people with Dyslexia, but makes reading easier for anyone with any kind of vision problems. Henry Winkler is Dyslexic and has written an entire series about Hank and all of his silly adventures.


“Where the Crawdads Sing” (if you haven’t enjoyed this one already!)

Delia Owens

Kya is known to the locals as the Marsh Girl.  Abandoned and alone in her little shack, Kya finds her way in life through her love of nature.  Mostly ostracized by the community, Kya receives help from Jumpin and his wife Mabel, who own a local gas station. Jumpin barters with Kya, his gasoline and a little money for her smoked fish and mussels. Mabel makes sure Kya has clothes that fit as she grows.  One local young fisherman, Tate Walker, helps Kya learn to read and write, and ultimately changes the course of her life.  Both heart-warming and heartbreaking, this coming of age story is full of surprises up to the very end.


And for those who enjoy a good audiobook (also available in print)

“Furious Hours”

Casey Cep

Not quite a history buff? But you do love a good murder mystery? “Furious Hours” is the book or book on CD for you since it tells a story of murder and fraud that takes place in and around our very own Alexander City and Lake Martin! Unabridged and read by Hillary Huber, “Furious Hours” is written by Casey Cep. Who is sitting in the courtroom, considering turning the trial into another “In Cold Blood” type of non-fiction book? None other than Harper Lee. For Alabamians, the real mystery is the location of Lee’s manuscript. Pick up this or one of hundreds of other titles in the book on CD section when you need something to listen to at the Cullman County Public Library Cullman branch.


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