2020 Municipal Election Candidate Q&A: Pat Chafin and Oscar Goodwin, Garden City Town Council, place 5

Pat Chafin, left; Oscar Goodwin, right (Maggie Darnell for The Cullman Tribune, contributed)

GARDEN CITY, Ala. – As the Aug. 25, 2020 Municipal Election approaches, The Tribune is holding Q&A sessions between candidates.

In Garden City, incumbent Councilwoman Pat Chafin will face challenger Oscar Goodwin for place 5.

Why did you choose to run in the 2020 election?

Chafin: “I’ve lived in Garden City for 22 years. I was the postmaster at Garden City’s post office prior to my retirement. I have been on the Garden City Town Council for two full terms; my late husband, Joe Chafin, was also on the council for two terms prior to my running in his stead. My family and I are active community members in our community and love our small town. I want to serve as a member of the town council to continue to be an active member and continue to work toward the betterment of my community. I feel as if it is important to be accessible to the people in my community and to be a great role model for the entire town and all of our town members.”

Goodwin: “At this time in my life, I am young, educated, energetic, conservative and eager to serve the people of my community. I have always been interested in the institution of local government. I have been chosen to fulfill various leadership roles and positions in my life. I am ready, willing and able to take this position on. My aspiration to win this seat on my town’s council is to possess the ability to listen and voice our townspeople’s concerns. My obligations are to serve the public, address these issues with the other council members and create a concrete solution to resolve any issues.”


What would you like to do for Garden City if reelected/elected?

Chafin: “As a candidate for place 5, the library is one of my town duties. My hope is that we are able to expand  the content in our library and increase the use of the library in the community. One of the things I voted for in this past term is for more police presence in our community. My plan and hope, and for the next four years, are that we continue to work with the Cullman County Sheriff’s Office, further our partnership and to keep our community safe. I am also on the cleaning/litter removal committee; during my next four years, our plan is to expand our community participation and keep Garden City one of the cleanest towns in the community.”

Goodwin: “In the council position, I will wisely explore and acquire funding and seek grant monies that can contribute to the improvement of our community. I desire to obtain this position to enhance the lives of the families/future families that have chosen to make the town of Garden City their home.”


Are there any specific projects you’d like to work on if re-elected/elected?

Chafin: “As I mentioned, I’m head of the library, I’d like to get more people interested in the library and have summer programs. We couldn’t have one this year because of the (COVID-19) pandemic. Mainly just keep the library clean, supplied and inviting to the public. And make sure we keep police on duty; I think we need it. I just think it’s important to keep it.”

Goodwin: “The first project that I would like to accomplish is building a public donation pantry for those experiencing hardships. It is my belief this small project can have a large and beneficial impact. Next, I wish to inquire and obtain grant monies to establish more sidewalks for the safety of our pedestrians. Also, I would like to implement beautification grants such as: the preservation of historical buildings, upgrade the current drainage system, promote an anti-litter campaign and beautifying our public parks/grounds. I wish to seek grants for upgrades of our community’s dedicated volunteer fire department with necessary equipment and tools. Additionally, I would like to possibly build a new fire hall for our outstanding volunteer fire department. During this time of recession, our citizens are experiencing an increase in their utilities bill which includes water, sewage and fire dues. During my term as a council member, I will not vote for an increase. I would like to discuss with the council and law enforcement officials to possibly establish a county police satellite station in the town of Garden City. Finally, I would like to cooperate with the Cullman Area Chamber of Commerce to hold community outreach sessions to educate our citizens, promote new businesses and attractions into the town of Garden City.”


Why do you think the people of Garden City should vote for you?

Chafin: “I care about the town, the people. I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else. I see our town as a safer, cleaner community with more business opportunities while also keeping our small close-knit town feel.”

Goodwin: “I have been a lifelong citizen of the town of Garden City. I am the sixth generation of my family that has called Garden City their permanent home. I have a fresh perspective, a servant’s heart and youthful energy to serve my hometown. My heart is deeply devoted to the town of Garden City.  Therefore, if any of these topics/projects I have spoken about resonates with you, I encourage you all to vote for Oscar Goodwin on Aug. 25, 2020.”


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