(Updated) City recycling pickup to resume Monday, Aug. 17

The recycling program was able to restart with the purchase of a truck and specialized trailer to make hauling of materials to processing centers more economical. (Photo courtesy of Johnny Cook)

Updated 8-11-20 at 7:25 p.m.

CULLMAN, Ala. – Cullman City Councilman Johnny Cook announced at Monday’s city council meeting that the city’s recycling service is set to resume operations next Monday, Aug. 17.

Cook, chairman of the Public Works Committee, told the council, “We’ll run the regular routes, picking up the regular items that we were picking up before,” adding later, “Whatever day your recycling used to be picked up, that’s the day it’ll be picked up.”

A possible expansion of recyclables to be included in pickup is under discussion, but the current list is the same as it was before the program temporarily shut down due to the lack of access to the Decatur recycling center then in use by the City. The purchase of a truck and specially-equipped trailer will now allow transportation of large amounts of material to another center in Birmingham in an economical manner.

When the plan to restart the program was announced in late July, Cook told the council, “When COVID-19 hit, they had to stop that, because they had nowhere to take it; in Decatur, they shut down. Well, to make it economically feasible, the next place to carry it was Birmingham. So, we were running a little recycling truck to Decatur; that was easy. But there’s too much to run back and forth to Birmingham that much, so they bought this truck and this trailer that’s a special trailer called a walking floor trailer. We can load that, and, about every six days, carry a full trailer load down, which will be more economically feasible to (re)start the recycling program with.”

If you have been saving your recyclables

Cook requested that residents who have been saving recyclables not put everything they have out at once and risk overwhelming the system; he asked instead that they put items out a little at a time.

Cook, who told the council that his family has been saving recyclables, said of his own plans, “We’ll ease it out there; we’ll put a little more than we used to, till we can get it caught up. But please don’t pile it all out there at once.”

Specifics from the City of Cullman

Place your bins on the curb on your regular recycle pickup day. To verify your pickup day or to sign up for curbside recycling, contact the Cullman Sanitation Department at 256-737-7560 or cityhall@cullmanal.gov.

MATERIALS WE CAN PICK UP: METAL (aluminum cans, steel cans, tin cans), PAPER (junk mail, magazines, office paper, newspaper, cardboard), PLASTIC (soft drink bottles, water bottles, plastic jars | laundry detergent bottles, milk jugs, shampoo bottles, cleaning supply bottles).

PLEASE DO NOT INCLUDE glass, trash, Styrofoam, plastic bags and other plastic material not listed above.

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