City of Cullman recycling service to resume soon

Restart goal in two weeks

Cullman Tribune file photo

CULLMAN, Ala. – The Cullman City Council on Monday evening passed a resolution to purchase a heavy truck and trailer from Weil Wrecker Service that will allow the City to resume recycling pickup in the near future. Councilman Johnny Cook told the audience that, after the closure of the recycling facility in Decatur, the City would have had to haul recyclables to Birmingham in small trucks, and could not do so in an economical manner. The purchase of the large truck will allow the transport of larger loads and make the program once more economically feasible.

Said Cook, “What we’re purchasing here is a truck and trailer, so they will kick the recycling program. As many of you know, when COVID-19 hit, they had to stop that, because they had nowhere to take it; in Decatur, they shut down. Well, to make it economically feasible, the next place to carry it was Birmingham. So, we were running a little recycling truck to Decatur; that was easy. But there’s too much to run back and forth to Birmingham that much, so they bought this truck and this trailer that’s a special trailer called a walking floor trailer. We can load that, and, about every six days, carry a full trailer load down, which will be more economically feasible to (re)start the recycling program with.”

A “walking floor” or “moving floor” trailer contains movable floor slats and hydraulic devices that make unloading the trailer simple for a single operator, and do not require the trailer to be tipped for unloading.

“It was kind of tough finding this trailer,” said Cook. “I think this was a- it’s a real specialty trailer, and it takes a little while, but we got it.”

Cook estimated that the City will be able to relaunch the recycling program in about two weeks, and may even be able, over time, to expand the list of recyclable items that can be picked up.

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