NOTICE: Video inspection of Cullman city sewer system

Project area (City of Cullman)

Beginning Aug. 3, 2020, the City of Cullman’s contractor, Video Industrial Services, will be cleaning and providing video inspection of the sanitary sewer collection system in the southeast area of Cullman. This work should not disrupt sewer service; however, it will involve access to utility easements crossing private property. The contractor’s representatives will attempt to notify property owners prior to easement access.

During cleaning operations, excess air pressure or vacuum will dissipate through service connection plumbing. If plumbing vents are inadequate, customers may notice splashing of water from fixtures. In the event of vacuum pressure, water in fixture traps may be drawn out, resulting in unpleasant odors. To guard against these issues, ensure toilet lids are closed. Run water into each drain to refill fixture traps if odors are noticed.

Please share this information with anyone who may be affected within the project area. Thank you for your cooperation during this work to improve our city’s infrastructure.