#GoodNews: Good job, Elijah!

Young helper delivers water to firefighters 

Elijah Graves (center) poses with local firefighters at the scene of a fire along County Road 1515 Saturday. (Photo courtesy of Nickie Graves)

SIMCOE, Ala. – On Saturday afternoon, as firefighters from the Gold Ridge, Fairview, Berlin and Vinemont Providence fire departments battled a barn fire in the July heat, young Elijah Graves took it upon himself to help them out. With a little help from mother Nickie Graves, he purchased cool bottled water and delivered it to firefighters manning tanker trucks just outside the scene of the fire, for them to distribute to others closer in.

Nickie Graves said, “He used what money he had saved up to buy it, and I gave him the rest. He is always looking out for our law enforcement and first responders.”

Good job, Elijah!

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W.C. Mann