CEDA website to support local businesses goes live

Check out https://cullmanis.com/ to find out information on local businesses. (CEDA)

CULLMAN, Ala.Two weeks ago, the Cullman Economic Development Agency (CEDA) announced it would be creating a website that would compile the operating information for local businesses into one convenient place. Wednesday, the site went live. Until Wednesday, the only thing visitors saw when they went to https://cullmanis.com/ was a submission form for businesses to enter their information. Visitors can now browse the different tabs for retail, restaurants and services to see when their favorite businesses are open and learn more about any restrictions that may be in place. Business owners who have not yet registered are still able to do so.

CEDA Retail & Workforce Development Manager Susan Eller said in a statement to The Tribune, “During the COVID-19 event, we notice citizens asking when businesses are open, do they deliver and many more questions. The mayor and council felt by providing a site where local business information can be found easily, it would help these businesses be able to survive.”

Eller credits the Cullman Parks, Recreation & Sports Tourism’s technical department with developing the site and David Warren of Cullman Aerial Photography for the site’s header image, expressing her gratitude to both.

Eller said approximately 80 businesses have been registered already, and she is working to help get the information for about 80 more. 

Shop Local. Eat Local. Support Local.

While there are plans to use the site in the future to help advertise local festivals and parks and rec events, Eller said that the site is currently focused on restaurants, retailers and service providers, as there will not be any events or festivals in the near future, and these businesses are the ones who are affected more acutely.

The site’s statement of purpose reads:

“Many of our local businesses are experiencing the pain of COVID-19.  These are our friends, business partners, sponsors of little league sports, sponsors of our schools, and participants in fundraisers for our sick.  Now is the time we can step-up and help them.  If you don’t need anything at the moment, buy a gift certificate to use later.  If you need a gift, buy a gift certificate to put in the mail.  You may want to help out a family that is struggling by buying a gift certificate from one of the local restaurants.  We will get through this event that has almost put a halt to our economy and way-of-life.  When our state and community re-opens, we want our go-to restaurants, and our go-to stores, to be there for us.  This is the time for us to be there for them. 

During these times, we all have questions like:  Who is open; what are their hours of operation; do they ship or deliver purchases; and many more.  This website allows you to have all this information in one place.  If you are looking for food, clothing, gifts, or a service, scroll down and check out one of our local merchants.”

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Heather Mann