Baileyton hosts 7th Annual Roger Latham Memorial Horse Show

A Tennessee Walking Horse is seen at the seventh annual Roger Latham Memorial Horse Show Friday night in Baileyton. (Christy Perry for The Cullman Tribune)

BAILEYTON, Ala.– The seventh annual Roger Latham Memorial Horse Show was held Friday and Saturday at the Baileyton Arena to benefit the Parkside and Fairview girls’ basketball teams. The show attracted riders and horses from at least five states for two nights of competition. The first night featured Tennessee Walking Horses followed by racking horses Saturday night.

Roger Latham’s son. Phillip Latham. said, “My dad, his brother Larry and their dad Hoyt were all pretty instrumental in the racking horse industry when it first started up.”

The racking horse is the official horse of Alabama.

“The Walking Horse Celebration in Shelbyville, Tennessee is fixing to start in eight days, so everybody is getting ready for that,” event coordinator Charity Latham explained. She added, “The Baileyton community has always been good about coming out and watching the show. We don’t charge an admission fee.”

Parkside basketball coach Danny Weaver was taking in his first horse show.

“This helps us a ton,” he said. “We have a lot of nice stuff because of them. They help us out a good bit and I can’t think him enough.”

Weaver had the girls from the team helping at the show.

He added, “We don’t have boosters and we only have like 40 girls in middle school but 10 of them on the team. It’s small but they take a lot of pride in it.”

The winners of the seventh annual Roger Latham Memorial Horse Show were:

Walking Horses

  • Class A Stick Horse- Huck Bush (Dora)
  • Class B Lead Line- Huck Bush riding Dipped in Chocolate owned by Huck Bush (Dora)
  • Class 1 Country Pl. Opt.’l Tack- Sudie Reed riding A Genius on Parole owned by Sudie Reed (Jasper)
  • Class 3 Youth 11 & under- Caroline Way riding Jose Vindicator owned by Wilson Blaylock (Tuscaloosa)
  • Class 4 Amt. Mare & Gelding- Ray Solley riding It’s the Medalist owned by Ray Solley (Decatur)
  • Class 5 Show pl. Rider’s Cup- Marvin North riding Admission is a Dollar owned by Curtice McCloy (Norman, Oklahoma)
  • Class 6 Trail pl. Opt.’l Tack- Kelly Watts riding Despacito owned by Dennis and Kelly Watts (Ragland)
  • Class 7 Ponies youth/amt.- Saundra Clift riding Krome Dollar owned by Saundra Clift (Savanna, Tennessee)
  • Class 9 Youth 12-17- Joann Mitchell riding Busy Line owned by Jay Mitchell (Albertville)
  • Class 10 Lite Shod Rider’s Cup- Laurie Toone riding My Black Cadillac owned by Allison Thorson (Murfreesboro, Tennessee)
  • Class 11 2 y.o. Amt.- Bo Beam riding I’m Naomi owned by Shelby Beam (Arab)
  • Class 11A Country pl. Youth- Ashley Cortez riding I’m Rayna James owned by Joan Kemp and Casee Bush (Dora)
  • Class 12 2 & under Amt.- Michelle Glidewell riding I’m Dialed In owned by Steve Glidewell (Corinth, Mississippi)
  • Class 13 All Day pl. opt.’l tack- John Winston Clark riding Shimmer owned by Clark Farms (Arab)
  • Class 14 Park Pleasure Rider- Laurie Toone riding Double Shot of Cash owned by Liz Gassaway (Shelbyville, Tennessee)
  • Class 14A Speed Racking- Howell Kirby riding Stroker Scootin Bay owned by Kari Kirby (Mt. Hope)
  • Class 15A Country pl. 5 & under- Maggie Moore riding Privileged owned by Maggie Moore (Murfreesboro, Tennessee)
  • Class 16 3 y.o Mare and Gelding Rider’s Cup- Marvin North riding Drug Deal owned by Rising Star Ranch (Shelbyville, Tennessee)
  • Class 18 2 y.o. Stallion Rider’s Cup- Menno Yoder riding Honor Papa Joe owned by Lucky and Kay Easterling (Mize, Mississippi)
  • Class 19 50 and over Amt. – Perry Walden riding Private Line owned by Hunter Head (Shelbyville, Tennessee)
  • Class 19A Trail Pl. 5 & under- Kelly Watts riding Despacito owned by Dennis and Kelly Watts (Ragland)
  • Class 20 4 y.o. Specialty Rider’s Cup- Larry Latham riding Just Whistling Dixie owned by Larry Latham (Joppa)
  • Class 21 3 y.o. Amt.- Casee Bush riding I Am All Dressed Up owned by Joan Kemp and Casee Bush (Dora)
  • Class 22 3 y.o. Stallions Rider’s Cup- Marvin North riding It’s a Do Right Deal owned by Keith Kelly and Dawn Reynolds (Grove Hill)
  • Class 24 Open Specialty Rider’s Cup- Menno Yoder riding I’m Outta Line owned by Linda McCarley (Berry)
  • Class 25 AWHLA Ladies Aux- Emily Briggs riding Plain Jazz owned by Kelly Peevy (Decatur)
  • Class 27 Show pl. Amt.- Diane Hasty riding Bravo Bravo owned by Diane Hasty (Huntsville)
  • Class 28 Stake (canter) Rider’s Cup- Ray Solley riding Air Force owned by Ray Solley (Decatur)

Racking Horses

  • Class 1 Gaited Pleasure- Asher Keeton riding She’s Shades of Heaven owned by Diane Hash (Huntsville)
  • Class 2 Specialty Action 2 YO- David Latham riding Who Stole the Art owned by Rick and Henry McGaha (Locust Grove, Georgia)
  • Class 3 Specialty Action Ponies Youth/Amt.- Casee Bush riding I’m All About Cash owned by Joan Kemp and Casee Bush (Dora)
  • Class 4 Country Pleasure- Honey McGaha riding 24 Kt. Gold owned by Jim Roberts (Wildersville, Tennessee)
  • Class 5 Specialty Action 2 YO- Gary Smith riding Spin Image owned by Roy Wester (Odenville)
  • Class 6 Specialty Action Amt. Owned and Trained- Gary Smith riding Entourage owned by Gary Smith (Cullman)
  • Class 7 Trail Pleasure English Attire- Makayla Latham riding Jose’s Morning owned by Charity Latham (Joppa)
  • Class 8 Specialty Action 3 YO Amt.- Steve Parker riding Hot-N-Honored owned by Dumas and Parker (Birmingham and Cullman)
  • Class 9 Youth 17 & under- Lexie Smith riding The Master Switch owned by Lexie and Jo Smith (Cullman)
  • Class 10 Specialty Action Mares and Geldings- Koda Downs riding Real Good Gin owned by Kelly Peevy (Danville)
  • Class 12 Specialty Action Youth 17 & under- Makayla Latham riding It’s All About Ted owned by Charity Latham (Joppa)
  • Class 13 Speed- Jacky Yeager riding Hustler’s Ladybug owned by Jacky Yeager (Baileyton)
  • Class 14- Trail Pleasure Western Attire- Makayla Latham riding Jose’s Morning owned by Charity Latham (Joppa)
  • Class 15 5A Park Performance- David Latham riding There’s No Way Jose owned by David Latham (Joppa)
  • Class 16 5A Ladies Amateur- Charlotte Duddy riding Dollars from Down Under owned by Charlotte Duddy (Odenville)
  • Class 17 Show Pleasure- Amanda Hodges riding A High Dollar Star owned by Jimmy and Shirley Dean (Blountsville)
  • Class 18 5A Men’s Amateur- Tyler Baugh riding The Master General owned by Tyler Baugh (Atlanta)
  • Class 20 Amateur- Marie Willis riding Lytle Lee owned by Ricky Carr and Marye Willis (Talladega)
  • Class 21 2&4 YO Amateur- Tim Cole riding Gotcha Coach owned by Brian Perkins (Science Hill, Kentucky)
  • Class 22 Style Pleasure – Allyson Parker riding He’s Once in a Blue Moon owned by Steve and Allyson Parker (Cullman)
  • Class 23 Specialty Action Stake- Menno Yoder riding The Thug owned by Lucky and Kay Easterling (Mize, Mississippi)
  • Class 24 Pleasure Racking – Liz McDavid riding Armed for Wall Street owned by Liz McDavid (Leeds)
  • Class 25 Stake- Larry Latham riding Jose’s Master owned by David Latham (Joppa)


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