Dinkin flicka! The Ostrich hosts ‘The Office’ trivia night at Goat Island Brewing

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Fans of “The Office” gathered at Goat Island Brewing Saturday evening to participate in a trivia night hosted by The Ostrich, aka Matt Mitchell. (Maggie Darnell for the Cullman Tribune)

CULLMAN, Ala. – Fifty-six teams competed Saturday night in The Office Trivia Night hosted by The Ostrich at Goat Island Brewing.

The Ostrich, aka humorist Matt Mitchell, first began trivia nights at Tallulah Brewing Company in Jasper.

“I just enjoy trivia nights,” said Mitchell. “When I found out there was going to be a brewery opening in Jasper, I thought ‘Well this is a perfect place to have one.’ So, I reached out to them before they had even really started like construction. They were redoing the building downtown and they were interested, but they had to get everything going. Once they did that, we set up a night and it went really well. I’ve been doing it pretty much for almost two years.”

Mitchell said Goat Island Brewing contacted him about hosting a trivia night in Cullman.

“They had reached out to me because some of the staff from here who had traveled over to Jasper for ‘The Office’ trivia night and they enjoyed it, then they reached out to me and asked if I’d be interested in doing it here,” he said. I said ‘Absolutely.’”

Mitchell is optimistic about hosting another trivia night in Cullman soon.

“There’s a lot of great places in Cullman to do it, lot of great big spaces, but yeah, if there’s anybody that would like me to come out and do it, I enjoy doing it, it’s fun.”

He smiled, “Tonight was awesome, great crowd. Definitely some hardcore Office fans, but they were great. This was a lot of fun; the turnout was better than I expected. This was actually bigger than any crowd that I’ve ever had in Jasper, so this was cool. They beat the record in Jasper, as far as like number of teams.”

So, who came away victorious?

Coming in in third place with 102 points was Team Rowan, in second with 106 points was Team Tan Everywhere-Jan Everywhere and with 114 points, Team Football Cream (father and son Brian and Patrick Westbrook) came out on top.

Brian Westbrook shared, “We live close to The Goat. We just always come in and we bring our dog sometimes and Patrick’s grown up coming here so it’s just a lot of fun. This has been fun. I hope they do it again.”

Brad Glenn of Goat Island said, “I think we might start doing this on maybe Wednesday nights once a month. I haven’t decided what day yet. Obviously, people want to do it.”

Glenn said he couldn’t believe the crowd as he drove up to the brewery.

“We’ll probably end up doing ‘The Office’ again, ‘Harry Potter,’ ‘Friends,’ just whatever the people want.”

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Maggie Darnell for The Cullman Tribune