Good Hope council talks rainfall, road repairs


Good Hope City Councilman John Harris and Mayor Jerry Bartlett (Christy Perry for The Cullman Tribune)

GOOD HOPE, Ala. – Rainfall and road repairs were the main topics of discussion at the Good Hope City Council meeting this week.

The council said many residents have voiced concerns about the increase in potholes and other problems made worse by the unusually high amount of rainfall in the area in the last week. City employees have been out assessing the damage after last week’s storms and report several culverts that will need to be completely replaced.

Mayor Jerry Bartlett cautioned that before roads can be paved or potholes filled that the ground must be given an opportunity to dry out, saying, “The rain is going to do a number on these roads, but it’s too wet right now.”

Anticipated low temperatures and the possibility of snow could complicate the situation, according to City Planner Corey Harbison, who explained, “Rain gets in the cracks of the foundations and then, if it freezes, it gets even worse.” 

An estimated 1.2 million gallons of rainwater was reported to have come through the city’s wastewater plant over the two heaviest days of rainfall.

Councilwoman Susan Eller reported, “A few areas flooded out, but we fared better than some communities, and I was told that we recovered remarkably well.”

In other business, the City of Good Hope’s food drive is set for March 11-15. The council discussed problems currently occurring with the City’s food pantry. Due to possible abuses, the food pantry will be locked during non-business hours. 

The City plans to purchase a bucket truck from the Cullman Electric Cooperative for $9,500. The truck will be used to keep trees trimmed as well as for decorating the city for holidays.

Recent equipment surpluses by the City will more than offset the cost of the truck’s purchase, Bartlett said, “I think any municipality would have liked to have had the truck. For us to get first shot at it, I’m thrilled.”

Councilman Taft Dillashaw reported that 178 kids were registered for the upcoming baseball, softball and T-ball seasons. Opening day is scheduled for April 6. The council passed a resolution to bring the City into compliance with the Coach Safety Act, which passed the Alabama Legislature late last year; it requires coaches to be certified in safety training and protocols.

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