CCBOE passes $102M budget for FY2018-19


CCBOE Superintendent Dr. Shane Barnette (Tribune file photo)

CULLMAN – At its meeting Thursday evening, the Cullman County Board of Education (CCBOE) held its final public budget hearing and passed a budget just shy of $102 million for the 2018-19 school year.

Superintendent Dr. Shane Barnette described the budget and a few of its highlights:

“It’s going to be a very large budget this year, but the vast majority of it, of course–as always in public education–is going to go to salaries and benefits.  But we’ve got projects that we’re doing. We’re still doing some QZAB (Qualified Zone Academy Bonds) roofs, and things like that. We’ve still got about $4 million that we’re still doing in QZAB funds, which is a zero-interest grant that we got a few years back, that we got to apply towards putting on new roofs all over our county.

“A big part of that is going to be at the Career Center (Cullman Area Technology Academy).  That roof’s going to be about a $2 million roof on all those buildings up there; that’s needed to be replaced for 10 years, now, and we’re finally getting to do that.

“But another, in highlighting the budget, we’re going to be doing an addition out at Holly Pond for the new Home Ec. center: an additional two classrooms.  We’ll be building that this fiscal year.

“We also still have around a hundred window air conditioning units that are just not real dependable, and over the next three years we’re going to take care of all those.  And, this first year, we’re going to address 30 of those, and that’s going to be at Hanceville Middle School and Good Hope Middle School.”

The window units will be replaced with either central HVAC units or Bard wall-mount units.

Barnette continued, “We’re also going to be replacing the lights on the Vinemont football stadium.  We’ve had somebody inspect those poles out there, and they’re in bad shape. They’re very old, and we’ll be replacing those this fiscal year, as well.

The budget, for its size, does not make any drastic changes over last year.  After talking about the projects mentioned above, Barnette noted, “Besides that, there’s no a whole lot more changes.  Our budget is pretty conservative; I mean it’s not a whole lot of changes from last year besides the projects that we’re doing, that we think will make a big impact.

“We’re optimistic that, hopefully, even though our budget’s conservative, we feel like the revenues are going to continue to increase; maybe we’ll end up with more money than we think we’re going to and be able to do more.  But we didn’t budget for that, because you’re not sure.

“We’re right at a two-month reserve, which is great.  This is probably the most we’ve ever had, as far as–as many days as we’ve ever had.  And we’ve still got bills for August and September that are coming in and stuff, so we’ll end the year a little less than that, because we have some pretty significant stuff coming up.  But we feel confident that we’re in good shape.

“And I’ll praise Ed Roberson, our CFO (Chief Financial Officer), and all of our principals and all of our supervisors.  Everybody’s been really good stewards in the money, and everybody’s been very responsible. And it helps; it allows us to be able to do those projects that we really need to do.  So that’s a good thing.”

Other board business

The board approved a large number of personnel requests:


Samuel Harrison Crumbley, Child Development Center Behavior Support Assistant
Emily Scott White, Child Development Center Speech/Language Pathologist
Reeta Ann Morrow, Child Development Center/ systemwide Bus Aide/ systemwide LPN
Tim D Eskew, Hanceville High Part-time Custodian (resigning from custodian only, will continue as a School Bus Driver)
Brannon Dale Crook, Maintenance Maintenance Technician
Stacie N Olinger, Vinemont Middle Gifted Specialist
Berta B Crowell, West Point Elementary Custodian
William S Humphries, West Point Middle Custodian (Retirement)

Leave of Absence

Rachel Megan Allen, Child Development Center Teacher, Oct. 26, 2018 – May 24, 2019 (extension of leave)


Clifton Bailey, from Fairview High Special Ed Teacher to Child Development Center Special Ed Teacher
Heather Jarmon, from Child Development Center Part-Time Preschool Speech Language Pathologist to Child Development Center Full-Time Speech Language Pathologist
Kelsey Smith, from Child Development Center (homebase) Speech Language Pathologist to Good Hope Primary (homebase) Speech Language Pathologist
Kathryn Day, from Hanceville High School Bookkeeper (240 days) to Good Hope Primary Systemwide Instructional Aide (240 days)
Marlene Hancock, from Good Hope Elementary Special Education Teacher to Good Hope Elem/Middle Special Education Teacher
Jennifer Stroh, from Child Development Center (homebase) Teacher of the Visually Impaired to Hanceville Middle (homebase) Teacher of the Visually Impaired


Katelyn Bailey, Child Development Center Behavior Support Assistant
Samantha Surrett, Child Development Center Temporary Special Education Teacher
Cassie Brooks, Cold Springs Elementary Library Media Specialist
Magan Johnson, Cold Springs Elementary/ High Special Education Teacher
Tiffany Mathews, Fairview High Temporary Social Science Teacher
Marie Sandlin, Good Hope Elementary Part-Time Intervention Teacher (as needed, less than 19 hours per week)
Paula Widner, Good Hope Middle Part-Time Reading Intervention Teacher (Tues/Thurs)
Rebecca McDonald, Good Hope Primary Part-time as needed Intervention Teacher (Monday, Wednesday, Friday)
Kelly Hays, Holly Pond Elementary Custodian (7:00-3:30)
Sherry Duke, West Point Elementary Custodian (Mon-Fri, 8:30-4:30)
Wesley Black, West Point High Assistant Principal
Jamie Smith West Point Middle Intervention Teacher, Part-time, 3 days a week as needed

Non-faculty coaches

Chandler Dean Nunn, Cold Springs Elementary MS Boys Basketball
Jeremy Clay Campbell, Cold Springs High Track (Volunteer)
Matthew J Negron, Cold Springs High Football
George Brendan Voce, Cold Springs High Softball & Volleyball
Patrick Allen West, Cold Springs High Varsity Softball (Volunteer)
Justin Corday Billings, Fairview High Varsity/Junior Varsity Girls Basketball
Tyler Brett Garner, Fairview High Football & Baseball
Jesse Stewart Hawkins, Fairview High Football
Annie Leigh King, Fairview High Volleyball & Softball
Gregory Matthew Black, Fairview Middle Football
Jeffery Ray Lawson, Fairview Middle Basketball
Christopher Allan Nichols, Fairview Middle Boys Basketball
Richard T Dillashaw, Good Hope High Football & Baseball
Chesteen Smith McWhorter, Good Hope High Band Assistant
Justin Daniel Ray, Good Hope High Football
Damian Clark Rodriguez Muniz, Good Hope High Football & Soccer
Timothy L Tucker, Good Hope High Softball
Brandy King Lowe, Good Hope Middle Cheerleading
Ryan H Scott, Hanceville High Football
Keith O’Bryon Twitty, Hanceville High Basketball & Baseball
Michael J Bates, Holly Pond High Football
Jefferson Clark Daniel, Holly Pond High Girls Soccer
Tammy Fletcher Foust, Holly Pond High JV Volleyball
Erik Vahn Ryan, Holly Pond High Baseball
Scotty James Shoemaker, Holly Pond High Baseball (Volunteer)
Destry Scott Stone, Holly Pond High Softball
Ty L Wilson, Holly Pond High Football
Paul T Crenshaw, Holly Pond Middle Football
Angela Marie Finley, Holly Pond Middle Volleyball (Volunteer)
Nathan Brian Finley, Holly Pond Middle Girls Basketball
Stephen T Hollis, Holly Pond Middle Basketball
Jeffrey Louie Horton, Holly Pond Middle Football
Martin L Horton, Holly Pond Middle Football (Volunteer)
Kolton Sellers, Holly Pond Middle Baseball (Volunteer)
Elizabeth Hicks Taylor, Holly Pond Middle Volleyball
Jessica Gorham, Parkside Cheerleading (Volunteer)
William (Billy) E Conquest, Vinemont High Football (Volunteer)
Machiela Nikole Richard, Vinemont High Band
Carolyn Denise Gable, Vinemont Middle Cheerleading
Larry Michael Brown, West Point High Softball
Jon Bryant Farley, West Point High Football, Basketball, and Baseball
Whitten Tyler Hunt, West Point High Football
Jackson Andrew Jenkins, West Point High Football (Volunteer)
Thomas Christopher Junkins, West Point High Archery, Track and Field
Darlene M Nuss, West Point High Cheerleading
William R Whitesell, West Point High Cross Country
Meredith Ann Calvert, West Point Middle Volleyball (Volunteer)
Wendy Brown Mann, West Point Middle Cheerleading & Majorettes


David Amos Wallace, Bus Driver
Christina Lynn May, Child Nutrition
Carrie Beth Ferrell, Teacher
Sherry Amanda Edmondson Guthrie, Teacher
Michael Edward Simmons, Teacher

Contract/salary changes

Justin Trevor Aby, Masters
Raeven Hannah Aby, Masters
Erika Byrd Bain, Masters
Melanie Riley Gonzalez, Masters
Phillip Ray Key, Masters
Laura Robinson Mayfield, Masters
Patrick C McDonald, Education Specialist
Laura Blair Rankhorn, Education Specialist
Samuel L Robertson, Masters
Jacob Brian Russell Masters
Bruce Parker – remove from MS Scholars Bowl, Cold Springs
Leana Nunn – add MS Scholars Bowl, Cold Springs
Eric Vest – add HS Scholars Bowl, Fairview High
Sheila Mitchell – add Geometry Team, Fairview High
Michelle Bryant – add Algebra II Team, Fairview High
Treyla Kessler – add Comprehensive Team, Fairview High
Matt Negron – add Sr. High Football Asst. 1, Cold Springs High (non-faculty)
Brendon Voce – add Sr. High Softball Asst., Cold Springs High (non-faculty)
Adam McKinnon – add Sr. High Golf Boys, Cold Springs High
Justin Billings – add Sr. High Girls Basketball, Fairview High (non-faculty)
Annie King – add Sr. High Softball, Fairview High (non-faculty)
Justin Billings – add Jr. Varsity Girls Basketball, Fairview High (non-faculty)
Annie King – add Jr. Varsity Volleyball, Fairview High (non-faculty)
Justin Billings – add 9th grade Girls Basketball, Fairview High
Chris Nichols – add MS Boys Basketball, Fairview Middle (non-faculty)
Taft Dillashaw – add Sr. High Football Asst. 1, Good Hope High
Tim Tucker – add Sr. High Softball, Good Hope High (non-faculty)
Chesteen McWhorter – add Band Assistant, Good Hope High (non-faculty)
Alan Scott – add Sr. High Boys Soccer, Good Hope High
Damian Rodriguez – add Sr. High Boys Soccer, Good Hope High
Adriana Skutchan – add Sr. High Girls Soccer, Good Hope High (non-faculty)
Patrick McDonald – add Archery, Good Hope Middle
Brandy Lowe – add MS Cheerleader-Football/Summer Camp, Good Hope Middle (non-faculty)
Brandy Lowe -add MS Cheerleader-Basketball, Good Hope Middle (non-faculty)
Keith Twitty – add Sr. high Baseball Asst. Hanceville High (non-faculty)
Matt Heaton – add MS Girls Basketball, Harmony
Mike Bates – add Sr. High Football, Holly Pond High (non-faculty)
Ty Wilson – add Sr. High Football Asst., Holly Pond High
Erik Ryan – add Sr. High Baseball, Holly Pond High (non-faculty)
Tammy Foust – add Jr. Varsity Volleyball, Holly Pond High (non-faculty)
Paul Crenshaw – add MS Football Asst., Holly Pond Middle (non- faculty)
Jeff Horton – add MS Football, Holly Pond Middle (non-faculty)
Steve Hollis – add MS Boys Basketball, Holly Pond Middle (non-faculty)
Nate Finley – add MS Girls Basketball, Holly Pond Middle
Beth Taylor – add MS Volleyball, Holly Pond Middle (non-faculty)
Jeff Daniel – add Sr. High Girls Soccer, Holly Pond High (non-faculty)
Machiela Richard – add Band Asst., Vinemont High (non-faculty)
Shannon Bridges – add Sr. High Girls Soccer, Vinemont High
Josh Drake – add Archery, Vinemont Elementary
Carolyn Gable – add MS Cheerleader-Football/Summer Camp, Vinemont Middle (non-faculty)
Carolyn Gable add MS Cheerleader-Basketball, Vinemont Middle
Bryant Farley – add Sr. High Football Asst. 3, West Point High (non-faculty)
Michael Brown – add Sr. High Softball Asst., West Point High (non-faculty)
Rob Whitesell – add Cross Country-boys & girls, West Point High (non-faculty)
Rob Whitesell – add Sr. High Girls Soccer, West Point High (non-faculty)
Tommy Junkins – add Archery, West Point High (non-faculty)
Regina Jones – add Archery, West Point Middle
Scott Brown – add Archery, West Point Intermediate
Darlene Nuss – add Sr. High Cheerleader-Football/Summer Camp, West Point High (non-faculty)
Darlene Nuss – add Sr. High Cheerleader-Basketball, West Point High (non-faculty)
Wendy Mann – add MS Cheerleader-Football/Summer Camp, West Point Middle (non-faculty)
Wendy Mann – add MS Cheerleader-Basketball, West Point Middle (non-faculty)
Darlene Nuss – add Jr. Var. Cheerleader-Football/Summer Camp, West Point High (non-faculty)
Darlene Nuss – add Jr. Var. Cheerleader-Basketball, West Point High (non-faculty)

2018-19 after school programs and personnel

Cold Springs Elementary (personnel $20 an hour & subs $15 an hour) Subs: Judy Kay Isbell
Holly Pond Elementary (revised personnel & $15 per hour for all personnel): Cynthia Hawkins, Rachel Finley, Robin Brannan, Paula Oslin, Teresa Kusz, June Wood, Missy Donaldson, Shawna Finley, Melissa Roberts, Jane Daniel, Hannah Hopkins, any approved Cullman County Schools substitute
Vinemont Elementary ($20 per hour): Jennifer Clay, Tammy Guthery, Meagan Oliver, Brandy Shadix

Additional personnel funding approved

request from Cold Springs High School to pay Cynthia Graves, substitute nurse, for nine days at $100 per day (June 4-15, 2018)
request from Fairview High School to pay Brian Simmons $1,500 for 2018-2019 Athletic Director responsibilities
requests from Good Hope Middle School to be paid on the December 1, 2018 paycheck, paid by local school funds: Lesley Hembree – $800 – Athletic Director, Rebecca McSpadden – $2,500 – Robotics Coach
request from Good Hope High School to pay Carol Cline and Lisa Holt for four days at $100 per day for attending AMSTI training
request from Hanceville Middle School to pay Kim Kanaday to keep the score books for volleyball and basketball season at $10 per game for each sport (approximately 20 volleyball games and 40 basketball games, including 7th grade, girls and 8th grade)
request from Holly Pond Middle School to pay Amanda Guthrie for Holly Pond Middle tutoring at $25 per hour
request from Welti Elementary School to reimburse William Curtis, Holly Pond band director, to teach beginner band classes to their 5th grade students (2 days per week at $.45 per mile)
requests from West Point Middle School: John Welborn – $600 – assisting with middle school football, Nick White – $600 – assisting with middle school football, Tyler Morgan – $500 – assisting with middle school football, Regina Jones – $1,000 – taking care of c2c
request from the Child Nutrition Department to pay the following their hourly rate from the CACFP budget fund to work the CACFP At-Risk Program – Pat Rodger, Harmony; Hannah Clay Buchanan, Good Hope; Melinda Davis, Hanceville; Charlene Booker, Hanceville; Sherry Gammon, West Point Middle; Wendy Mann, West Point Middle; Tammy Thompson, West Point Middle

Other funding items approved

Out-of-state field trip request by Parkside third through fifth grades to visit the Tennessee Aquarium on Nov. 8, 2018.  Persons in Charge: Kristy Salazar, Danny Weaver, Lisa Harbin, Kayse Fondren, Haley Drake, Jeff Greer
Request for owner/architect contract for Fairview Middle School Gymnasium Bleacher Replacement, $3,800
Request of contract change order no. 1-Fairview High School Re-roofing and Renovations Driver’s Ed Bldg., 30-day time extension QZAB
Request of contract change order no. 1-Vinemont High School Re-roofing & Renovations, Sales Tax Exempt Certificate for Materials ($23,653) DEDUCT QZAB funds

The CCBOE will hold its next regular meeting on Thursday, Oct. 11, 2018 at 6 p.m. in the central office board room, with work session at 5:30.  The public is invited to attend.

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