Holly Pond to remove rumble strips as soon as possible

Hayden Hyatt for The Cullman Tribune

Holly Pond Mayor Bill Oliver speaks to community members during the Holly Pond Town Council meeting Tuesday night. (Hayden Hyatt for The Cullman Tribune)

HOLLY POND – The Holly Pond Town Council Tuesday night voted to speed up the process of removing recently-installed rumble strips from Brooklyn Road. 

The vote to remove the strips passed in August, but at that time the council said it would leave them until a replacement solution was decided. The rumble strips will now be taken up as soon as possible because of continued community complaints about noise.

The council will now have to decide on a new speed-reducing measure for the busy roadway.

A committee appointed by Mayor Bill Oliver has come to an agreement with lessees of the antique store owned by the Town, Middle of Nowhere. The lease agreement is for five, one-year leases with a payment of $500 a month. The council granted Oliver approval to sign the lease.

A one-time appropriation to the Alabama Emergency Management Agency (EMA) was approved by the council. The Alabama EMA, which requested the appropriation, releases weather warnings among other things in order to keep the public safe during a weather or other type of emergency. The appropriation was for $518.70 and was based on the population of Holly Pond.

Cullman County Sheriff Matt Gentry was at the meeting to present a deputy agreement for renewal by the council. The cost will be $37, 564.80 annually for the Town. Council members approved the agreement.

Council members approved the Town’s annual budget for the upcoming fiscal year.

Gas has been placed at the town’s new storm shelter. The generator for the facility must be programmed and the facility has to be inspected by the state fire marshal before it can be used.

Oliver made the council aware that he has contacted the United States Department of Agriculture's Animal Wildlife Services about a group of beavers in the pond adjacent to Lee Plant Road. The beavers have built a dam that has caused the pond's water to encroach upon the adjacent roadway.

The council's next meeting will be Monday, Oct. 1 at 7 p.m. at the Guy Hunt Library.

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