Ashley Mercantile, ‘modern day general store,’ coming to Warehouse District


Ashley Mercantile will occupy the building left vacant when Rumor's Deli moved to its new location. (Andrew Cryer for The Tribune)

CULLMAN – Arguably the most coveted business location in town, the Warehouse District, is set to be the home of a new local business. Ashley Mercantile aims to be open for business by the second Friday in August as a unique jewel in the crown of Cullman’s prime business district. It will occupy the space left vacant by Rumor’s Deli.

Owner Ryne Ashley describes the essence of the store’s uniqueness, sharing, “We like to think of ourselves as a modern day general store! We will have something for everyone!”

Ashley is no newcomer when it comes to business. He has worked with his father for more than 19 years at the Hospital Discount Pharmacy East, located in the East Point Shopping Center. However, this will be Ashley’s first business venture on his own.

Said Ashley, “I’m ready to take the next step with me and my wife on our own.”

The Tribune spoke with Ashley to better understand what exactly Cullman shoppers can expect from his new store.

As to what will make his store so unique, he shared, “We try to carry items from the state. If not in the state, everything is made and processed in the United States.”

Not only will the store be comprised of mostly Alabama-made goods, but the goods sold in the store will be “handmade and heirloom-grade.” Ashley said the store will have scores of quality goods and a vintage feel.

Not only does Ashley aim to offer quality goods, but goods that are affordable. Ashley estimates that 70 percent of the store’s inventory will be priced less than $35. This gives Ashley hope that his store will bring people from all backgrounds to the District. He said that, from personal experience, some people in the community feel that the district is not an affordable area to shop.

“We want the perception of the Warehouse District to change,” he said, “We want people to feel like they can afford to shop there.”

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