New car tag decals eliminate waste, protect license plates


A look at the new car registration form, which prints the decal sticker directly to paper, saving tax dollars and helping to deter theft of car tags and decals


CULLMAN – Recently, the Cullman County Revenue Office implemented a new statewide organizational technique to better secure motorists’ tags and yearly decals.

“One of the main differences that residents will notice is that there is only one decal. In the past we would have the year on one side and the month on the opposite side,” said Barry Willingham, Cullman County Revenue commissioner.

The new registration forms are combined into one document, including the decal. Willingham said this move will save Alabama tax payers millions of dollars in the coming years.

“In the past we would print out your registration then staple the decal to the top of the registration form,” he said. “Now it’s all one document. This will save us time and will require less paperwork, which will make it a speedier process than what residents have experienced in the past.”

Willingham said there’s no reason to remove the decal on the left side of your license plate.

“It’s okay to leave it where it is,” he said. “You simply tear the top part off, which is your vehicle’s registration, and keep it in your car. Next, you just remove the new decal and place it on the upper right hand portion of your license plate.”

Roughly 200 residents per day, as many as 600 residents per day, come in to renew their car tags. Willingham said the new streamlined system will cut down on the time residents spend at the counter.

“We want to make sure we are doing everything correct. This is a new concept, but Cullman County is one of the first to begin this new registration format,” he said. “One major difference you’ll notice about the new decals is that your license plate number is printed onto the decal.”

Willingham said printing the license plate number on the decal will help prevent theft.

“It’s going to be a lot harder for someone to take your decals now that your license plate number will be printed, along with the year and month of expiration,” he said.

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