PREP TRACK & FIELD: Cullman Invitational results


Cullman Invitational / Photo by Ed Huddleston

CULLMAN – Below are the results from the Cullman Invitational, which was held at Cullman High School on March 17.

Cold Springs (Girls)

100-Meter Hurdles: Morgan Harris- 20.48 (9th)

300-Meter Hurdles: Morgan Harris- 58.50 (5th)

4×100-Meter Relay: Relay Team- 59.94 (9th), 4×400-Meter Relay: Relay Team- 5:20.49 (8th)

High Jump: Lilly McSpadden- 4'8" (5th), Emi Harbison- 4'4" (9th), Long Jump: Lilly McSpadden- 14' (7th)

Pole Vault: Zoe Strawbridge- 7'6" (5th)

Discus: Grace Chambers- 101'2" (3rd), Aubrey Negron- 88'9" (5th), Kinley Campbell- 80' (8th)

Javelin: Zoe Strawbridge- 94'4" (2nd), Savanna Taylor- 91'6" (3rd), Kinley Campbell- 91'2" (4th), Aubrey Negron- 82'10" (7th)

Shot Put: Aubrey Negron- 30'1.5" (4th), Kinley Campbell- 27'8" (9th)


Cold Springs (Boys)

400-Meter Dash: Mason Harris- 51.98 (5th)

110-Meter Hurdles- Mason Harris- 16.42 (5th)

300-Meter Hurdles- Mason Harris- 43.15 (4th)

4×400-Meter Relay: Relay Team- 3:52.48 (10th), 4×800-Meter Relay: Relay Team- 9:07.68 (7th)

Discus: Peyton Dunn- 108'3" (8th)

Shot Put: Brian McAnnally- 44'10" (1st), Peyton Dunn- 38'5" (9th)


Cullman (Girls)

400-Meter Dash: Sadie Young- 1:04.59 (8th)

800-Meter Run: Alexandra Holt- 2:47.63 (9th)

100-Meter Hurdles: Ashelyn Cook- 18:98 (4th)

4×100-Meter Relay: 53.80 (3rd), 4×400-Meter Relay: 4:31.82 (1st), 4×800-Meter Relay: 11:02.60 (3rd)

High Jump: Caroline Hollingsworth- 4'8" (6th), Long Jump: Emily-Klair Brown- 14'8" (2nd), Lexi Daily- 13'2.5" (5th)

Triple Jump: Lexi Daily- 32'3.5" (2nd), Emily-Klair Brown- 30'9.5" (5th)

Pole Vault: Anna Franklin- 9' (2nd), Sydney Waldrep- 6'6" (8th), Lindsey Lowery & Brittany Lee- 6'6" (10th)

Discus: Emily Johnson- 108'1" (1st), Ragan Canter- 105'1" (2nd), Madelyn Hendrix- 80'2" (7th)

Javelin: Haley Frankham- 107'5" (1st)

Shot Put: Ragan Canter- 27'4" (10th)


Cullman (Boys)

100-Meter Dash: Isaiah Jones- 11.86 (10th)

400-Meter Dash: Cameron Baumgartner- 52.70 (7th)

800-Meter Run: Edgar Medina- 2:06.28 (3rd)

1,600-Meter Run: Jackson Tucker- 4:48.16 (6th)

3,200-Meter Run: Will Thompson-10:41.83 (8th), Jackson Tucker- 10:55.19 (10th)

110-Meter Hurdles: Will Kress- 15.30 (1st)

300-Meter Hurdles: Will Kress- 41.02 (1st)

4×100-Meter Relay: 46.77 (9th), 4×400-Meter Relay: 3:41.08 (4th)

High Jump: Colton Smith- 6'2" (1st), Kasey Murphree- 5'4" (10th), Long Jump: Kasey Murphree- 20'10.5" (2nd)

Triple Jump: Kasey Murphree- 41'10" (5th), Colton Smith- 41'9" (6th)

Pole Vault: Ethan Hendrix- 10'6" (5th), Colby Hutson 10'6" (7th), Nicholas Glass- 10' (9th), Brock Story- 9'6" (10th)

Javelin: Garrett Lee- 134'5" (9th)


Fairview (Girls)

Triple Jump: Abby Schnittker- 31'9.5" (3rd)

Pole Vault: Molly Freeman- 7' (6th)
Discus: Lorin Zehr- 92'9" (4th)

Shot Put: Lorin Zehr- 32'5" (2nd)


Fairview (Boys)

Triple Jump: Grant Howard- 38'9" (10th)

Pole Vault: Isaac Gandy- 9'6" (10th)

Discus: Dylan Garner- 135'9" (1st)

Javelin: Dylan Garner- 138'4" (8th)


St. Bernard (Girls)

100-Meter Dash: Gracie Loyd- 13.23 (4th), 200-Meter Dash: Gracie Loyd- 28.04 (5th)

800-Meter Run: Leahrose Mami- 2:36.00 (3rd), Claire Sanders- 2:46.80 (8th), 1,600-Meter Run: Leahrose Mami- 5:35.07 (2nd)

3,200-Meter Run: Leahrose Mami- 12:35.05 (2nd) 

300-Meter Hurdles: Izzy Warden- 1:00.25 (8th), Kathleen George- 1:01.69 (10th)

4×400-Meter Relay: 5:04.15 (7th), 4×800-Meter Relay: 11:25.10 (4th)

Long Jump: Gracie Loyd- 14'8" (2nd), Triple Jump: Gracie Loyd- 30'7" (7th)

Discus: Ashley Duke- 76'7" (10th), Javelin: Ashley Duke- 85'9" (6th)


St. Bernard (Boys)

1,600-Meter Run: Andrew Sweeney- 4:40.02 (2nd), 3,200-Meter Run: Andrew Sweeney- 10:13.53 (5th)

4×800-Meter Relay: 9:18.87 (8th), High Jump: Elijah Price- 5'8" (6th) 

Javelin: Christian Peterson- 152'9" (4th)


Vinemont (Girls)

Long Jump: Emily Cheatwood- 13'8.5" (10th), Triple Jump: Emily Cheatwood- 31'9" (4th), Brilee Wasilewski- 29'11" (8th)

Javelin: Kanasta Daniel- 90'2" (5th)

Boys- 110-Meter Hurdles: Cameron Carter- 19.85 (8th) 


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