Saint Bernard Prep students pray the Stations of the Cross


Deacon Tim Vaughn, far right, completes Station 14 at the Stations of the Cross prayer service on Wednesday. Altar boys are Josh Chiodo, Christian Peterson and Lexiss Gallegos.

Cullman students at Saint Bernard Prep gathered in the Abbey Church on a rainy Wednesday morning, Feb. 28, to pray the Stations of the Cross to commemorate the 14 key events surrounding Christ’s crucifixion, the majority of which concern His carrying of the Cross through the streets of Jerusalem.

The Stations originated in medieval Europe when Christian pilgrims were prevented from visiting the Holy Land. The faithful adopted the practice of “going to Jerusalem” by setting up “stations” along a procession route inside a church or outdoors.

“Praying the Stations” means walking the entire route, stopping at each station and recalling one of the major events of Jesus’ suffering and death. Often a station contains a picture or carving that depicts its particular event.

“Making the Stations of the Cross is a powerful way to enter into the mystery of Jesus’ saving gift of himself to us. It is all about the Cross – Jesus’ love for us,” said Saint Bernard Prep Headmaster, Father Linus Kluscarits.

Father Linus reminded students, “In our busy world we can easily get out of touch with the terrible suffering endured by many. Walking with Jesus in the Stations allows us to imagine his walking with those who are tortured, unjustly accused or victimized, sitting on death row, carrying impossible burdens, facing terminal illnesses, or simply burdened with life. We pray for them, as we walk the Way of the Cross with Christ, we walk with them, the way Jesus does.”

Following the service, the Sacrament of Reconciliation was held in the Abbey Church.