Good Hope council awards $26K to schools


Good Hope High School Principal John Hood, in white, accepts $14,000 for his school from Good Hope Mayor Jerry Bartlett. / Nick Griffin

GOOD HOPE – The Good Hope City Council on Monday night awarded $26,000 to the city’s four schools: Good Hope High School, Good Hope Middle School, Good Hope Elementary School and Good Hope Primary School.

The principals of each school were in attendance to receive the donations, and before presenting them, Good Hope Mayor Jerry Bartlett spoke about the council’s admiration and respect for the schools.

“I’d just like to say that we are a progressive city that is really, really growing and expanding and our exit is going to grow and expand. We’re gaining people and your schools are going to grow because we’ve got subdivisions growing and more people are looking at land to put more houses so we’re going to grow,” Bartlett said. “We want to support our city schools and I know this council wants to support you more than any other municipality in Cullman County. I’ve checked with these mayors and I know they’re not doing what this council does for their schools and we’re proud to do that. From the bottom of my heart, I appreciate y’all. I was in education for 28 years; I know what you go through and how little credit you get, but I’m just here to say that we’re proud of you and we’re going to continue to support you.”

Good Hope High School received $14,000, while the middle, elementary and primary schools each received $4,000.

In other business, the council motioned to surplus two pieces of equipment. A 2001 Ford F150 pickup truck was surplussed, along with a John Deere Z997 60-inch mower. The council later motioned to replace the old mower with a new John Deere riding mower. Three bids for the mower have been sent out and will be opened on Feb. 21. The council agreed to accept the lowest bid that they receive.

The council then motioned to move $12,480 from part-time payroll to be used for a full-time employee. Laurie Leusby has been hired full-time as an administrative assistant at Good Hope City Hall and will also contribute to the parks department.

The final piece of business the council addressed was the placing of wireless cameras in some public areas in response to damage that has been done to public property. The council approved a motion to move forward with the cameras project and plans to place cameras at the public basketball court, Municipal Park, the small city park and possibly on the city hall building.

The council meets on the second and fourth Mondays of each month and will hold its next meeting Feb. 26 at 6:30 p.m. at Good Hope City Hall.

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