CCCDC awards almost $180K in grants


CULLMAN – The Cullman County Community Development Commission (CCCDC) met Monday night for the first time this year, awarding almost $180,000 in grants to a variety of community organizations.

Grants were awarded to:

  • Bremen Volunteer Fire Department- $12,000 for turn-out gear
  • West Point Middle School- $12,000 for a mobile lab
  • Walter Volunteer Fire Department- $12,000 for six sets of gear
  • Good Samaritan Health Clinic- $12,000 for medical supplies
  • First Source for Women- $12,000 for supplies for its mobile unit
  • Simcoe Community Center- $12,000 to renovate the center, which is a voting place
  • Baileyton Volunteer Fire Department- $11,773.09 for seven hand-held radios
  • United Way of Cullman County- $12,000 to fund local agencies
  • Saving Forgotten Warriors- $12,000 for its food voucher program and to upgrade lawnmowing equipment
  • Battleground Volunteer Fire Department- $12,000 for eight sets of firefighting gear
  • West Point High School- $10,000 for special education Chromebooks
  • Cullman High School- $50,000 for renovations to the gymnasium to meet current ADA guidelines*

Grant requests declined:

  • Oktoberfest Committee- $12,000 for Oktoberfest funding
  • Hope Horses, Inc.- $12,000 to replace a gate and perimeter fencing
  • Cullman County Parks and Recreation- $12,000 for fencing to prevent vandalism
  • Cullman County Mental Health- $12,000 to increase treatment capacity
  • Cullman Caring for Kids- $10,000 for TV, radio and newspaper ads, etc. to raise community awareness
  • Life that Counts- $12,000 for salaries (possible use)
  • Vinemont High School- $10,000 for a new bell and intercom system
  • Logan Preservation Foundation- $12,000 for a security fence for Old Logan School

A request for $12,000 from Carpenter’s Cabinet, a food bank in Holly Pond, to create a kitchen was tabled.

CCCDC board members are appointed by Alabama state legislators.

Board members are:

  • Jamie Speakman- appointed by Sen. Paul Bussman, R-Cullman
  • Bradley Williams- appointed by Rep. Corey Harbison, R-Good Hope
  • Acting Chairman Joe Golden- appointed by Rep. Randall Shedd, R-Fairview
  • Josh Speakman- Rep. Ed Henry, R-Hartselle

*Funding for CCCDC grants comes from taxes-  Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) in lieu of taxes and beer taxes. Grants are capped at $12,000 and are not issued for more than that amount except under extraordinary circumstances, which must be approved by the legislators. The $50,000 grant awarded tonight to Cullman High School (District 12) falls under that category. Other $50,000 grants awarded in the last year include those for the Hanceville High School and Fairview High School (District 11) track renovations and the West Point High School (District 9) track renovation.

The CCCDC strives to maintain a $100,000 reserve fund, as advised by the legislators.

To learn more or to submit a grant application, visit The next meeting will be in May.

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