4-way stop coming to notorious Hanceville intersection


HANCEVILLE – After multiple deadly accidents, the latest on Jan. 4, 2018, and a wave of community action reaching out to state authorities from the Alabama Department of Transportation (ALDOT) to the office of Gov. Kay Ivey, ALDOT has announced that Hanceville’s Alabama Highway 91/Edmondson Road intersection will become a four-way stop.

ALDOT North Region Engineer Curtis Vincent told The Tribune Thursday morning:

“The seriousness of those accidents made us look at that intersection closely. The first thing people usually say in situations like this is ‘Put up a traffic signal,’ but a traffic signal isn’t always the answer, and in this case wasn’t warranted.

“We feel strongly enough that we need to do something that gets everyone’s attention, so we’re putting in stop signs, and we’ll also be putting in advance signage (‘Stop Ahead’ warnings) and we’ll be putting lights on the signs to call more attention to them.”

Hanceville Mayor Kenneth Nail told The Tribune that ALDOT has not set a date for construction, but has already come to take measurements around the intersection.

Nail added, “We appreciate Mr. Vincent and (ALDOT Transportation Director) Mr. (John) Cooper’s quick action, and that of the governor’s office. Based on discussions we’ve had, I think the (Hanceville City) Council will be glad to see this happen. I would rather have had a red light, but I’m happy with what they’ve done, and I hope and pray that this solves the problem.”

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