Remembering 2017; anticipating 2018


Pictured left to right: Colony Mayor Donnis Leeth, Cullman Mayor Woody Jacobs, Hanceville Mayor Kenneth Nail and Cullman County Commissioner Garry Marchman / Tribune file photos

CULLMAN COUNTY – As the new year is upon us, The Tribune is taking a little time to ask some of the county’s well-known personalities what they’ll remember most about 2017, and what they look forward to in the new year.


Colony Mayor Donnis Leeth

What is your fondest memory of 2017?

“That I was voted to the vice president of the mayor’s association of Cullman County.  That’s always going to be stuck in my mind, and already lets people know what I’ve done since I’ve been in office in ‘17.”

Is there anything you’d like to forget about 2017?


What are you most looking forward to in 2018?

“Trying to get a Dollar General down to the Colony.  I’ve been working on a Dollar General, and I hope we get it.  With the Lord standing by us and following us, it’s going to happen.”


Cullman Mayor Woody Jacobs

What is your fondest memory of 2017?

“Watching the Christmas lights go up along Highway 31, and seeing how beautiful the streetscape looked.”

Is there anything you’d like to forget about 2017?

“Being my first full year as mayor, I was very blessed in 2017. There’s nothing in 2017 that I’d prefer to forget. It was a good year.”

What are you most looking forward to in 2018?

“I am looking forward to seeing the Technology Village develop and grow. I’m excited to see how many local entrepreneurs we have. I am very excited about this program.”


Hanceville Mayor Kenneth Nail

What is your fondest memory of 2017?

“On a personal note, the birth of my new grandbaby, which tickled me!

“In the city, all our projects have progressed well.  The thing I may be most proud of is recruiting Met-South to come to Hanceville.  And they should be open in the next two or three weeks.  Another high would be getting accepted into the ACE (Alabama Community of Excellence) program.  We were the first city in Cullman County to be named an ACE community, and I’m proud of that.”

Is there anything you’d like to forget about 2017?

“You always have challenges, but I can’t really think of anything big.  We did have a lot of good citizens who passed on this year.  I hate to lose friends and neighbors.”

What are you most looking forward to in 2018?

“Continued steady growth.  We haven’t had explosive growth like Cullman, and I’m not sure we’d want to, but we’ve been steadily growing.  I’m proud of what our downtown’s doing, and I’m looking forward to more improvements.”


County Commissioner Garry Marchman

Commissioner Marchman took a little more time to email in his thoughts, and responded:

What is your fondest memory of 2017?

“Happiest memory of 2017 – Always God and family. I have received far more from my God and my family than I have given.

Happiest memory of 2017 with the County:

–  Able to help a few.  Able to work towards long term solutions.

–  Completed the Hay Program in Feb. 2017.  We moved approx. 3,000 rolls of hay and helped over 200 farmers.   We did not advertise the program with lots of media attention, but it was very rewarding.

–  Was recognized as Public Servant of the Year by our local Soil and Water Board.  No idea this was going to happen.

–  Was recognized by Governor Kay Ivey for Community Service.  No idea of this until I received the award.

–   Made some small steps in economic development.

–   Was able to build a better relationship with some of the County employees.

–  All of these gave value to the work I do.”

Is there anything you’d like to forget about 2017?

“County budget, Senate race.”

What are you most looking forward to in 2018?

“Another opportunity to serve.  I have projects I feel will have an impact on this County.

–  Reaching out to technology companies

–  Supporting our local industry that has been faithful to Cullman and its communities.

–  Enhancing training for employees. Visiting other government entities to refine what we do and how we do it.  Looking at more equitable options for long-term retention.

–  Roads; we have to put more of the taxpayers’ (County) monies into roads; next year’s budget I hope I can have more active solutions to offer.   

–  Commission election being over with.   

My plate is full with ideas and concepts, that are proven, but I have to figure out how to incorporate those ideas.”

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