Mayors, commissioners vote to support new fuel tax


Rep. Corey Harbison, R-Good Hope explains the proposed legislation to county commissioners and mayors at Wednesday's meeting of the Cullman County Mayors and Commissioners Association. / W.C. Mann

CULLMAN – On Wednesday, the Cullman County Mayors and Commissioners Association voted to support legislation that would add three cents to the current one-cent county gasoline tax, and create a four-cent tax on diesel fuel in the county.  This legislation, if passed, would require all revenue raised by the tax to remain in Cullman County and be spent on materials for road repair, resurfacing projects, or bridge repair.  None of the money will go to Montgomery, and none will be used for administrative costs like salaries.  The legislation will also require the measure to be put to the citizens of Cullman County for a vote during the general election in Nov. 2018.

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