Cullman council approves more annexations; stage set for downtown Christmas celebration


CULLMAN – At its regular meeting Monday evening, the Cullman City Council continued its recent trend of multiple property annexations.  After annexing more than 60 properties in five sections of the city’s outskirts in October, and 12 properties in six sections in September, the council scaled back a bit to annex four properties this month:

–property owned by James and Sarah Seymore located at 213 County Road 483 as R-1 Residential District.  This property currently has a Hanceville address.

–property owned by the City of Cullman located on Tanner Drive Northwest (erroneously labeled as Emil Drive in the original request) as R-1 Residential District

–property owned by the City of Cullman located on Mann Drive Southwest as M1-P Manufacturing District

–property owned by the City of Cullman located on Railroad Bed Road as M1-P Manufacturing District


The council approved a request from Waid Harbison of Cullman City Parks and Recreation for a special event permit to hold the Christmas in Cullman Parade and Festival on Dec. 1, 2017 from 6 to 9 p.m. on First Avenue and in Depot Park.

Harbison was present at the meeting, and at the request of Councilman Clint Hollingsworth shared, “We’ve just a lot of stuff coming up.  Our Christmas parade will be on Dec. 1 downtown, so that’s kind of going to be going in conjunction with what we did this (past) weekend with the Christmas Open House.  We’ve got a lot of floats for that.  We’re also going to be a little bigger than normal, but same route, same kind of setup and everything like that.

“Last year, we were lucky to get most of the merchants to kind of stay open late, and we did a big festival in Depot Park, so we’ll do that again.  Businesses will be open late that night, probably after the parade.

“And, of course, we do have the Christmas arts and crafts show, the Holly Market, over at the Civic Center that same weekend.  It’s always the first weekend of December, as well.  We’ll have about 80 to 90 arts and crafts vendors over there at the Civic Center, as well.”

Other council business

The council approved three additional requests:

–from Keith Johnson of Johnson’s Pure East located at 1601 Third St. NE for a beer and wine off-premises alcohol license. This request received a favorable recommendation from the City of Cullman Alcohol Review Committee.

–from Sanitation Superintendent Larry Jones to purchase a 2018 Mack front-loading garbage truck on the NJPA bid list from Ingram Equipment Company, LLC in the budgeted amount of $257,000

–to adopt appeal procedures for the municipal interception of tax refunds, allowing citizens whose state income tax refund checks have been redirected to pay outstanding fines and debts to the City a means of appealing what they consider to be improper interceptions

The Cullman City Council meets in the Cullman City Hall auditorium on the second and fourth Monday evenings of each month at 7 p.m.  The public is invited to attend.

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