Holly Pond Vintage Market showcases local businesses, crafts

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HOLLY POND – On Saturday, the Town of Holly Pond hosted its first Vintage Market craft and antique show in Memorial Park. More than 40 vendors set up shop in the park, accompanied by live entertainment and kids’ inflatables.  Community shoppers browsed through antiques, handmade jewelry, toys and stuffed animals, wooden goods, quilts and foods.  The Holly Pond High School band played, and had its own tent where it sold old uniforms and trophies to help fund future projects.

Husband and wife entrepreneurs Wayne White and Robin Yates, who own The Middle of Nowhere antique shop adjoining the park, organized the event with support from the Holly Pond Town Council.

Yates explained, “This is an event sponsored by the Town of Holly Pond.  They just wanted to get people into the town, and bring the community together; so this is just sort of a little payback to the community from the Town of Holly Pond for all that the people do for the town. 

“The town council came to me and my husband–we have the little antique store here–and they asked if we could help organize the event.  I have a friend, Elizabeth White, who’s helped us also, and of course the town council has helped.  A lot of the businesses have helped.  We have some sponsors from the town that have supported us.  So, it’s really been a town effort.  We just appreciate the businesses that helped us.  We appreciate the vendors that came out; we’ve had some great, great vendors.”

Organizers were quite pleased with their first Vintage Market, and with the community response.

Yates continued, “The crowd has been wonderful today.  The weather has held off; it’s nice and cloudy, but there’s no chance of rain.  The temperatures are good.  People are lingering.  It’s been a great event.  We appreciate everything everybody’s done to bring it together.

“With the first show, you have no clue.  But we have prayed about this event for a long, long time, and we just turned it over to God, and He has really showed up today.  The crowds are great; people are buying from our vendors, so we’re pleased with it.”

Organizers hope the success of this year’s event will translate into the Vintage Market becoming an annual part of the local culture of Holly Pond.

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