Rhythm of the fall: area marching bands prepare for 2017 season, part 3


The Holly Pond Bronco Band performed at Disney World last April.  Photo courtesy Evan Curtis/Holly Pond High School

CULLMAN COUNTY – The 2017 high school football season is officially in full swing, and football teams continue to practice and play hard. But others do as well: our area high school marching bands.

The Tribune is spotlighting all our area bands, and will present two at a time, sharing a little sneak peek at what band fans can anticipate this year. In this third installment, we hear from Evan Curtis and Linda Bean, band directors at Holly Pond High School and Cullman Middle School, respectively.

Holly Pond High School Marching Band, led by director Evan Curtis


57 (also includes students from Holly Pond Middle School)

Drum Major:

Leah Tarvin, who has also played trombone and alto saxophone

Musical theme:

“(The) show is entitled ‘Heartbeats’ and features classic love songs ‘Can’t Help Falling in Love,’ ‘Happy Together,’ ‘Fever’ and ‘Crazy Little Thing Called Love.’”

What was the big challenge of band camp?

“The music we are playing this year is a little challenging, but the students are doing a great job and are sounding fantastic!”

What’s the wow factor this year?

“Our show may be a show about love songs, but the music is incredibly entertaining and energetic and the crowd is going to love it!”

What do people need to know about your band that no one may have asked yet?

“We are seeing a lot of drive in our group. This is a group that wants to be challenged and improve every day.”

Cullman Middle School Marching Band, led by director Linda Bean

The CMS marching band is for seventh- and eighth-grade students who have been playing an instrument for at least one year.  It performs at middle school football games, and will march with the Cullman High School Band in a football halftime show.  It also puts on Christmas and spring concerts.


86: 5 flutes, 4 clarinets, 12 saxophones, 13 trumpets, 4 mellophones, 7 trombones, 3 tubas, 18 percussion, 4 dance line, 11 color guard, 2 managers

Field Commander: Kirin Tisdale, Feature Twirler: Olivia Shelton

Drum Major:

Jordan Nash

Musical theme:

“Show Me How You Dance”

What do people need to know about your band that no one may have asked yet?

“​The band members enjoy special activities during the year such as bringing in guest musicians and attending a band social with CHS band members.  Cullman Middle School has a Jazz Band which begins rehearsals in January and performs in the spring.  Students who complete their eighth-grade year in Advanced Band later perform in the Cullman High Bearcat Band. 

“The CMS band was selected to make a presentation to the National School Board showcasing their use of ‘Smart Music’ technology.  The CMS Band Course ​has been presented to the Alabama Association of School Boards featuring the use of technology.  Past honors include being selected by the Desire2EXCEL Award program as one of 12 nominees from the International Desire2Learn User Community for the Teaching & Learning Category.”


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