Meek Tigers victorious over Hubbertville, 30-13


ARLEY – Meek High School played its second game of the season against Hubbertville Friday night. They won last week against Phillips. This was Hubbertville’s first game of the season, and the Meek Tigers took the win 30-13.

Meek received the ball, but didn't catch it right away; a fumble started the game. They answered the fumble quickly, with Dennis Nalley taking it to the 13-yard line, but the Tigers were stopped by Hubbertville. The Tigers went for a field goal, but missed.  With 7:39 left in the first quarter, it was 0-0.

Hubbertville took its turn with the ball resulting in a touchdown on a 25-yard pass. The extra kick was good.

Meek’s quarterback, Stuart Waldrep, made several throws that should have been caught. The receivers just couldn’t seem to get their hands around them.

Hubbertville started the second quarter with the ball. Meek made quick work of their fumble, recovering it at 11:56.

Meek’s John Mark Abercrombie took it to the 9-yard line. Destin Morris scored, but a flag put the ball back to the 13-yard line, causing a replay of the series.

No worries for the Tigers, though. A handoff to Abercrombie resulted in a touchdown. The 2-point conversion was good, and score was 8-7, Meek with 11:16 left in the second quarter.

The Lions struggled to keep the ball again on this series, and Meek recovered a second fumble with on the Hubbertville 30-yard line 11:01 left in the second quarter.

Meek’s Payton Key threw an interception in the end zone and the Lions got it on the 20-yard line with 10:23 left in the half. Brady Tucker made that interception for Hubbertville.

At the end of the half it was 8-7, Meek.

Meek kicked off to start the second half, but Hubbertville was plagued by penalties and forced to punt.  Penalties and fumbles hindered Meek for its first drive of the second half, forcing them to punt as well.

Swapping possessions, Hubbertville started the fourth quarter deep in its own territory.  The Lions fumbled again, and Tigers recovered on the 2. A penalty set Meek back to the 7, but with 11:05 on the clock, Abercrombie runs it in for Meek; a complete pass to Luke Sherer made the 2-point conversion good.  It was Meek 16, Hubbertville 7.

The Lions, failing to make any substantial gains, attempted a fake punt but again mishandled the ball, leaving Meek deep in Hubbertville’s territory.  A few plays later another pass to Sherer scored another touchdown; the PAT was good making it a 23-7 ballgame in Meek’s favor.

A shanked the kickoff, but it worked to Meek’s advantage with Key recovering the ball for Meek on Hubbertville’s 44-yard line.  A few plays later, the workhorse for Meek, Abercrombie, ran the ball in for another Tiger touchdown with the PAT good, making it a 30-7 ballgame.

With 3:35 left in the fourth quarter, Hubbertville took over, putting together a good drive. With no time left in the game, the Lions’ Daniel Holliday ran it in, making it a 30-13 final.

Meek will play Lynn next week at Lynn.

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